Translation of forget in Spanish:


olvidarse de, v.

Pronunciation /fəˈɡɛt//fərˈɡɛt/

transitive verbforgotten, forgot, forgetting

  • 1

    • 1.1(fail to remember)

      (name/fact/person) olvidarse de
      (person/name/fact) olvidar
      I hope I haven't forgotten anything espero no haberme olvidado de nada / no haber olvidado nada / que no se me haya olvidado nada
      • I've forgotten what you said me he olvidado de lo que dijiste
      • I was forgetting (that) you don't speak German se me olvidaba que / me olvidaba de que no hablas alemán
      • it was a day never to be forgotten / a never-to-be-forgotten day fue un día inolvidable
      • I never forget a face soy buen fisonomista
      • I forget his name no recuerdo cómo se llama
      • we mustn't forget those less fortunate than ourselves no debemos olvidar a / olvidarnos de quienes tienen menos que nosotros
      • she forgot me in her will se olvidó de mí en su testamento
      • she never lets you forget (that) her son is a professor está siempre recordándote que su hijo es catedrático
      • to forget to + inf
      • don't forget to phone/write que no se te olvide llamar/escribir
      • surely you didn't forget to send her a card! ¡no te habrás olvidado de / no se te habrá olvidado mandarle una postal!
      • Either buy the girl her superstructure out of the goodness of your heart or forget about it.
      • When push comes to shove, you just forget about it - it's just not worth the heartache.
      • Now I can forget about it until early April, when the actual paper itself is due.
      • Ask me again in two weeks - I'll either have forgotten it completely, or it will behaunting me.
      • As we listen to his wonderful gab, we should remember what he sometimes forgot or failed to say.
      • Mary has 18 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren and she says she has an awful lot of birthdays to remember but she never forgets any of them.
      • If you get to 30 and you're single, forget about it, you're one of life's singles.
      • That's where dishes you can pop in the oven and forget about come in.
      • A person either remembers these voices or forgets them.
      • I've now remembered that I've forgotten something else, but I can live without it.
      • Then you might as well forget about walking to the traffic lights and just jaywalk in the middle of the street.
      • I am crossing fingers that I won't completely forget everything when it goes live!
      • Often blood was drawn but without malice, just an accident, like an actor forgetting his lines because he's trying too hard to remember.
      • I was in one of my dancing moods and completely forgot his distaste for mustard.
      • I recently picked the thing up again and surprised myself by remembering most of the chords, but completely forgetting their names.
      • It smelled delicious and made us forget the preceding conversation completely.
      • That crisis of civilizational morale, in turn, helps explain why European man is deliberately forgetting his history.
      • I know there are the people who will say just forget about it, it's not worth it.
      • Some might hide and forget about it, there are some who might even run from it and try to make a new life, forgetting the past like it never existed.
      • I'm sure, in retrospect, that it was a case of remembering the hits and forgetting the misses.
      • Most of the time this meant that she forgot my name and remembered to give her manicurist a lovely tip.
      • Add the rice and two cups of water, cover the pot, and turn the heat down low enough for you to forget about it for a while.
      • No one who lived through that period can have forgotten it or failed to carry its images in their mind.
      • If the Democrats preselect this dud, they can forget about trying to regain credibility.
      • Soon he forgets the article and remembers only Dominique; he gathers sketches so he can go into the office where she is, but thinks better of it.
      • We should forget about the Government, forget about the doctor and think about the patient.
      • Not being pressed to come up with arguments or evidence to support them, one forgets the arguments and fails to obtain the evidence.
      • Neither are unreliable to the point of forgetting an appointment completely.
      • He blocks shots with abandon - completely forgetting the scary incident a few years back when a puck hit him in the chest, musing him to collapse.
      • The view out the front through the large windscreen is good, but forget about seeing the bonnet.
      • He advised people with dogs to forget about exercise in the excessive heat and to make sure there was plenty of shade and cool water.
      • They're not kidding themselves about their age, but ice hockey lets them forget about it for a couple of hours each week.
      • Now in its eighth year, World Book Day encourages children to forget about technology and to get back to basics.
      • The players and management can go home and forget about it, we have to live with the trauma of possible relegation every day.
      • I found myself mixing up my lines, or forgetting them completely.
      • Anyone in his position would have wanted to completely forget about his escape from the long arm of the law.
      • The story is an allegory of the Cultural Revolution, and deals with remembering and forgetting the traumatic events of the Maoist era.
      • By the time you go back in the afternoon some of these people have completely forgotten the cameras are there.
      • A couple of great events are coming up in the next two months to help us forget about all the snow earlier this week.
      • And on the other hand I don't want him to call me, because it would be so much easier to forget about him that way.

    • 1.2(put out of one's mind)

      (disappointment/person/differences) olvidar
      (disappointment/differences/person) olvidarse de
      if my wife asks you, forget I was here si mi mujer te pregunta, tú no me has visto
      • forget who told you this, but … yo no te he dicho nada ¿eh?, pero …

    • 1.3forgotten past participle

      (land/masterpiece/tribe) olvidado

  • 2

    (leave by mistake)
    olvidarse de
    I forgot my passport olvidé / se me olvidó el pasaporte
    • Ross may simply have forgotten to mention this, but it is the fact that there is no legal penalty that beggars belief.
    • I think I forgot to mention that Saturday my family was supposed to have a little gathering around a barbecue pit.
    • It looks to me like someone on his staff forgot to bring the right suitcase.
    • John, you also forgot to mention their dastardly plans to bomb women and children in yet more state sponsored terror.
    • She almost forgot to bring her cell phone at the top of the kitchen counter but luckily she remembered it.
    • I forgot to mention earlier that my amazement at the proliferation of wireless networks continues.
    • In the tumult of today, I forgot to mention my lovely night out yesterday.
    • I forgot to mention on Wednesday that I'd harvested my first sprouting broccoli.
    • But he forgot to mention the shadow which is naturally cast by any object standing in the light, whether or not it is visible to our eyes.
    • I forgot to mention when talking about Oscar that he had his 15 minutes of fame.
    • Pulling the shower curtains away I realized I had forgot to bring in my clothes.
    • They ran to the trunk and popped it open, to find 2 other bags that they forgot to bring in.
    • This works particularly well if your humans have forgotten to bring a plastic bag.
    • Somehow they forgot to mention that we share nearly as high a percentage of genes with chimpanzees.
    • I forgot to mention that LAX is the craziest airport that I have ever visited.
    • I forgot to mention that Joy is one of the best blog writers I've come across.
    • This is something that they forgot to mention right at the start, in the opening meeting.
    • I forgot to bring my bathing suit, so I had to wear a pair of Dylan's shorts, and I wore my top.
    • Amidst my ranting I forgot to mention why I posted the previous blog.
    • Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I got my University acceptance, final and complete, in the mail today.
    • He's not tried to be dishonest, he has just forgotten to mention one thing.
    • It's also very possible that sometimes Max forgot to bring the records home and they got tossed out.
    • I forgot to mention something which happened a couple of days ago.
    • I forgot to mention a conversation I had with Adam while we were watching the Opening Ceremony.
    • One nice thing I forgot to mention was the bottle of champagne I won in the raffle.
    • I forgot to mention the corporatization and control of the music industry and radio.
    • I had just started preparing the hot tube for a bath when I saw I had forgot to bring my toothpaste.
    • Actually, the drummer was intending to record it and forgot to bring his tape machine.
    • Kane apparently forgot to mention that he too had been drinking.

intransitive verbforgotten, forgot, forgetting

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    where does she live? — I forget ¿dónde vive? — no me acuerdo / se me ha olvidado
    • to forget about sth olvidarse / no acordarse de algo
    • you'd forgotten about the meeting, hadn't you? te habías olvidado / no te habías acordado de la reunión ¿no?
    • I'd forget about it if I were you yo que tú lo olvidaría / me olvidaría de ello

reflexive verbforgotten, forgot, forgetting

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    perder el control