Translation of forgettable in Spanish:


poco memorable, adj.

Pronunciation /fərˈɡɛdəb(ə)l//fəˈɡɛtəbl/



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    poco memorable
    an instantly forgettable film una película de las que inmediatamente se relegan al olvido
    • Overall, it's a mildly entertaining and totally forgettable movie experience.
    • The beasties remain forgettable, with weapons just as uninspired.
    • Two whole easily forgettable years of torture and boredom are almost over.
    • So I guess the conclusion is that this is a mediocre, eminently forgettable album.
    • Needless to say, the seven tracks on offer here are, insipid, uninspiring and forgettable.
    • To tell you the truth if you asked me right now to hum it, I couldn't because it is totally unmemorable and forgettable.
    • However, local wine is, I am sorry to report, eminently forgettable.
    • The CD is slightly more appealing than that image, as most things are, but also far more forgettable.
    • Some are stereotypical movie names which are constructed to be easily forgettable.
    • In fact, the story is pretty much forgettable, which is also an issue that the movie should have worked harder to overcome.
    • Most of the presidents of this earlier era are eminently forgettable.
    • Why are these movies forgettable at the same time as they are initially quite popular?
    • It has been a forgettable half-century, with the lone sparkle being the recent win against Zimbabwe.
    • Their set features a collection of almost identical, instantly forgettable rock-by-numbers songs.
    • It repeats itself too often and the lack of humor makes for a mildly interesting, but totally forgettable movie.