Translation of forgo in Spanish:


privarse de, v.

Pronunciation /fɔːˈɡəʊ//fɔrˈɡoʊ//fərˈɡoʊ//fəˈɡəʊ/

transitive verbforwent, forgone, forgoing


  • 1

    privarse de
    renunciar a
    • My partner, Jack, stayed home, forgoing the 18-mile drive to work over snow-covered roads.
    • Back at Balbirnie, it seemed churlish to forego afternoon tea.
    • Whenever possible, forego fashion and stick with ‘sensible’ shoes.
    • But don't worry; you don't need to forego your creature comforts.
    • Across the country, hospital management has engaged in schemes to compel hospital workers to forego breaks and put in longer shifts in order to maintain operations.
    • This produces a conservative estimate of annual earnings of $11,466 in 2001, which partially offset earnings foregone.
    • Now, this is not to say that I don't have fried chicken dreams, or that I can forgo dessert.
    • If you love wine but don't care for desserts, you may choose to buy a bottle of wine and forego dessert.
    • If this is not your cup of tea, forgo the invitation and book a nearby hotel room.
    • I may be forced to go and purchase a second bag and forgo tea.
    • We could've foregone that specific stop, I'm sure.
    • These contributions represent pay and if you forgo them, you are handing back earnings to the company.
    • Therefore, while a mother is taking time off to care for a child, she forgoes not only her earnings, but also on the ability to put funds into her privatized account.
    • They may forgo their lunch break or decide to work late.
    • Conservative estimates are that a woman foregoes $160,000 in earnings when she stops to have a child.
    • No one expects you to forego dessert all the time.
    • Against all odds, we, the drowsy and starving passengers who had to forego refreshment stops along the way to make up for lost time, entered the city of Durban.
    • In order to reduce traffic congestion I have decided to forego the privilege of witnessing the golf at first hand.
    • The results showed poorer students were more likely to leave early - failing to finish or foregoing the chance to go on to a more advanced course.
    • If you want to forego dessert, Pho Viet's homemade lemonade is like a party in your mouth.