Translation of fork in Spanish:


tenedor, n.

Pronunciation /fɔrk//fɔːk/


  • 1

    • 1.1Cooking

      tenedor masculine

    • 1.2(for gardening)

      horca feminine
      bieldo masculine
      horqueta feminine

  • 2

    • 2.1(in road, river)

      bifurcación feminine
      to take the left/right fork tomar el desvío a la izquierda/derecha

    • 2.2(in tree)

      horqueta feminine

    • 2.3(on bicycle)

      horquilla feminine

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (river/road/branch) bifurcarse
    • As the gates started to open, Wilton could see a trail of light leading in through them, up the driveway, and in behind a large sign at the place where the road forked.
    • The road forked and turned dangerously several times.
    • Conversely, the trail intersections homeward-bound ants encounter have branches that fork at a sharp angle and a gentle one.
    • Narrow dirt paths forked from the stairs, leading to even denser rows of crosses amongst soft weeds.
    • The stem is cast as a slender tree branch, one end forking into two tines; the spoon end is applied, shaped as a mussel shell with a gilt interior.
    • He repeated this three times and pointed to the sky, which began to resound with thunder, huge ominous dark clouds started to gather, lightning forked once or twice.
    • Manchester was a meeting and dividing point of Roman roads, forking at the site of the present cathedral and progressing through Radcliffe to Ribchester, while another road crossed Blackstone to Ilkley.
    • Lightning forked down from the sky, and thunder roared in sympathy moments later, adding to the hellish scene.
    • Frequent bolts of lightning forked through the sky, lighting up her surroundings with an eerie brightness.
    • After a short time, they came across a bend in the dirt street, where two paths forked out.
    • Sometimes the lightening forked across the sky like a crack in the dark firmament.
    • He scampered into the shaft and continued for some hundred yards until the path abruptly forked once more.
    • However, when he came near a road that forked in three directions, the people Iokaste had described came in a colt-drawn carriage and tried to get him off the road and shoved him.
    • How does such a philosophy of life differ from the theory of multiple realities and infinitely forking paths?
    • They continued down the path until it forked off into two paths, one going right, and the other going left.
    • The land was a desert around him, but just beyond the reach of his fingertips, lightning forked from air to ground in continuous strikes.
    • The path behind them forked off; a small hillock just a short hundred metres away.
    • The road had forked shortly beyond the rest stop.
    • The hallway was very plain, stretching for about twenty or thirty yards forwards before it forked into two separate hallways.
    • You use anything you can, think on your feet, and talk in a way that's often very ambiguous, although it sounds very specific, and allows you to fork off in different directions.
  • 2

    to fork (to the) right/left desviarse a la derecha/izquierda

transitive verb

  • 1

    (food) levantar con el tenedor
    • This morning I lifted the last of our parsnips, so that I could fork some well-rotted manure into the raised beds in preparation for this year's sowing.
    • I cast my eyes down and begin desperately forking the salad.
    • Gabe walks outside and heads for the barn where he finds Stuart and Nick hard at work forking new hay for the animals' beds.
    • Let the couscous plump up for 15 minutes, then fork it through to separate the grains.
    • After a crash course on dining with élan and forking food with flair, the surprise test came on china piled high with tricky-to-eat broccoli, sprouts and small sautéed potatoes.
    • In a typical gesture of sibling acceptance, Hoss leaned over and forked Adam's untouched ham onto his own plate.
    • ‘Here, have some sausages,’ Jack said quietly, forking a number out of the frying pan onto his plate.
    • They bring the steaks out on a silver platter and fork them onto your plate.
    • At least sardines are tiny and slippery and you can usually fork them through the tiny opening.
    • Russ rolled his eyes as he forked some bland food into his mouth.
    • The soil was forked over, hoed and then riddled to remove larger stones and other debris.
    • One of the main features of the day was the steam threshing which involved forking the stooks into the steam-powered conveyor belt.
    • It was forked onto the dray, walked down to pack it, the sides were raked neatly and then it was tied down with ropes and nets.
    • She swallowed, carefully averting her eyes as she forked a small amount of the spaghetti onto her plate, taking her time as she did so.
    • Efforts were intensified in the summer battle against canal moss, and more men and equipment were brought in to fork it out of the canals and into dump trucks.
    • The hay was forked into the hayshed, when the pile got so high; someone had to go up and ‘tramp’ it and throw it to the back of the hayshed.
    • Justin smiled with a slight incline of his head as he forked a bite of the blueberry pie.
    • He deliberately forked a bite of food from his companion's plate, ate it.
    • Then, in the spring, apply a general-purpose fertiliser, such as Growmore, and lightly fork it in.
    • ‘Here, let me,’ he said, forking a few sausages and putting them on her plate.