Translation of form in Spanish:


forma, n.

Pronunciation: /fɔːm//fɔrm/


  • 1

    • 1.1(shape)

      forma feminine
      a monster in human form un monstruo con forma humana
      • to take form tomar forma
      • the female form la figura femenina
      • In 1915 - 16 she did a series of abstract drawings and watercolours that evoked the natural world in simple forms and vivid colours.
      • Both the milk teeth and the permanent teeth give the face its shape and form.
      • They come in a wonderful variety of shapes, forms and colours.
      • The artist has spent her career exploring abstract shapes and forms, creating paintings that reveal many different kinds of visual sensations.
      • The building is organised as a series of layers, allowing it to be read as several slender parallel forms.
      • The exploration of the deployment of pure geometric forms is an ongoing theme in Don Watson's work.
      • The earliest item is a Viking bronze sword pommel from the late tenth century incised with diamond shapes and simplified animal forms.
      • The powerful roots of the oak demonstrate an earthly reflection of the power of lightning, mirroring its shape and form.
      • One of the nicest seasons of the year is autumn and it reflects itself in many shapes, colours and forms.
      • Cement has been slapped on and ugly box-shaped structures built abutting the graceful forms of the ancient temples.
      • A garden that is neglected does not so much cease to bear fruit, as it loses its shape and form.
      • This urban contemporary collection keeps things in perspective with simple forms, clean lines and subtle shapes.
      • Pot-grown orchids provide a stunning indoor display, with a great variety of colour and form.
      • His latest work concentrates on geometric forms, especially from Venetian floor designs.
      • A person's life in one sense is like a work of art, blending colors, tones, lines, and forms.
      • Crop circles don't just look pretty they express fundamental geometric forms.
      • Her home office blends contemporary and geometric shapes with organic forms.
      • Observing the variety of colour, form and aroma of summer flowers can enhance outdoor relaxation.
      • The shape and form of the bungalow constantly underwent change and adaptation out of functional necessity.
      • It is the rare gardener who is not smitten by their array of brilliant colors and graceful forms.

    • 1.2(manner, guise)

      forma feminine
      in tablet form en forma de tabletas
      • the invitation came in the form of a letter nos (/ me etc. ) invitó por carta
      • the recipe requires fat in some form or other algún tipo de grasa hay que usar en la receta
      • adolescent rebellion can take many forms la rebelión adolescente puede adoptar diversas formas
      • what form should our protest take? ¿cómo deberíamos manifestar nuestra protesta?
      • Ginger is easily obtained and comes in a variety of forms: powder, capsules, oil and tea.
      • In fact, far from more bank holidays, what we need is fewer - at least in the traditional fixed form.
      • The talk will take the form of an information session on how the local authority works.
      • It will be easier at this time to put abstract ideas into concrete form.
      • I've not been feeling on top form physically or, more importantly, spiritually.
      • It is slander if it takes the form of spoken words, gestures or mimicry.
      • And then yesterday I retired to my sickbed, feeling decidedly under the weather, and am still not on top form today.
      • It even published a collection of the best corrections in book form.
      • The Church was not a separate entity, but one that gave legal form and substance to the society of the time.
      • It will now address as a matter of urgency the form that this independent body should take.
      • Virtually all the important research continues to appear in the form of papers in journals.
      • Anyway they seem in good form and everyone seems to have enjoyed the holiday.
      • The survey will be in the form of a questionnaire, asking about people's experience of the NHS in their area.
      • The bill will have serious implications for journalists and photographers in its current form.
      • Some of the following supplements may come in convenient powder forms - use those when possible.
      • Taking about 8mg of each nutrient every day in supplement form may also help tanning.
      • The appropriate drug in whatever form should be legal and available on prescription.
      • That pledge has since been backed by publicans in other counties who have vowed to resist the ban in its current form.
      • At the time of the Revolution, many of the languages of the national minorities lacked written forms.
      • Draft policies then appeared in the form of reports brought before Council for formal approval.
      • The licence is in draft form and will be issued to your clients shortly.
      • That morning Christine had been on great form but at 8pm her mood changed dramatically.
      • In time it may be advantageous to hold data in processed form, but at present raw data remains too valuable.
      • If I understand the literature about Anthrax, it has to be in a powdered form in order to be distributed over a wide area or via aerosol.
      • I only spoke to Glenn three weeks ago and he was in fine form and looking forward to the future.

  • 2

    • 2.1(type, kind)

      tipo masculine
      they require some form of explanation necesitan algún tipo de explicación
      • other forms of life otras formas de vida
      • birds are a higher form of life than insects las aves son una especie superior a los insectos
      • Their mandate is the defence of women's rights in Quebec, with a focus on the prevention of violence and all forms of discrimination.
      • The geological period known as the Cambrian is marked by the rather sudden appearance of all the basic forms of animals now in existence.
      • Correcting any form of social misbehaviour is not something that can be done quickly.
      • If a pure form of proportional representation had been used in 2001 we would have had a hung parliament.
      • The two most effective forms of mass direct action are riots and strikes.
      • Faculty evaluation of students takes two basic forms: course grades and letters of recommendation.
      • "They say that imitation is a form of flattery, " Shane said.
      • I had a passport a good year before I did any travelling simply because it's a convenient form of ID.
      • The army has a zero tolerance policy towards any form of bullying or harassment.
      • Preventing HPV is difficult, since no form of barrier contraception is completely protective.
      • The two peoples spoke a different language and practiced different forms of religious worship.
      • It is committed to peaceful campaigns against all forms of animal abuse and promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle.
      • We should not tolerate any form of discrimination or racism in our country.
      • You almost have to use traditional forms of advertising, like TV and radio, which can get very expensive.
      • Melanoma is a more serious form of skin cancer.
      • When winter came, grass, then as now the cheapest form of animal feed, did not grow.
      • Early forms of male pattern balding do well with treatment.
      • The Commonwealth suspends or expels nations which have military coups and non-democratic forms of government.
      • Three in 10 employees will experience some form of mental health problem in any one year.
      • Even if rental income has dropped, housing proprietors are sitting on an asset that outperforms all other conventional forms of investment by up to five times.

    • 2.2Linguistics

      forma feminine
      • Christian names can be indicative of class and the form of the name used can be indicative of politics.
      • In other instances, there are related prepositional and adverbial forms.
      • These different shapes spell out word forms that belong to the verb lexeme crown.
      • In practice, dictionaries take a middle course between wholehearted descriptivism and prescriptive edicts. They advise when a form is controversial, or a word is going out of use, or is shifting its sense.
      • The point is that word parts are bonding into forms according to the grammatical rules of English word formation.
      • For example, instant messaging often relies on acronyms and shortened forms of words.
      • This formality is in part caused by the Czech language, which has two forms of the second-person personal pronoun.
      • She did this by presenting the children with nonsense words and setting up situations which would elicit derived forms of the words.
      • Every noun has nine forms, you see, indicating its relationship to other words in the sentence.
      • As a flood of French verbs entered the language, they acquired noun forms by zero derivation, too.
      • Either way, it is strange, and so is modified into something that sounds like a current English form.
      • English does not require the use of gender-differentiated forms of the definite article and other similar words.
      • Using polite forms and neutral pronouns with peers is considered effeminate.
      • Granted, there is a possibility that the clitic forms had not yet evolved 200 years ago.
      • All these verb forms are, in fact, largely neutral with respect to time and may be used in sentences with differing time implications.
      • Some examples of words ending in -ful that have no forms in -less are awful, bashful and deceitful.
      • To get facility with Italian as a third language, you would need only to grasp minor changes in word forms and syntax.
      • To arrive at the original meaning of a surname, one has to consider the earliest recorded forms and invoke the expertise of a philologist.
      • The correct Irish form of the name Ballyhaunis was then, and still is open to question.
      • The female form of the word was wicce, from which we get our witch, though at one time men could be witches, too.

    • 2.3(style)

      forma feminine
      form and content forma y contenido / fondo
      • As a pair they present a complex tale of memory and forgetting in terms of both form and content.
      • We feature a crop of interesting product designs marrying form and function in experimental ways.
      • Also the length of the film dictates the form, it is a fine balance between form and content.
      • Haven't ballet purists reacted negatively to the combination of classical form and popular content?
      • This uncomfortable contradiction between form and content lies at the heart of both their work.
      • It is hard to separate form from content, so there's no use asking authors to clean up their act.
      • His smart-alec games with form and style are very witty, youthful and enormously engaging.
      • In fact, he's made it worse by a jarring disjunction between form and content.
      • Still, the film is undeniably distinctive, although this is due to style as much as form.
      • Branagh's film thus presents us once again with a provocative conflict between form and content.
      • The book reflects the structure of the conference in both form and content in an attempt to capture the dynamism of the event.
      • The subject is too self-conscious, the Italian still more concerned with form than feeling.
      • Lacking both form and content, Soul Survivors can hardly be called a movie at all.
      • That was the thing that interested me about it; it's that marriage between form and content.
      • Another question ran as follows: Choose a poem in which the poet has created a perfect blend of form and content.
      • The problem is one of both form and content, of poetic method and political consciousness.
      • Indeed, this tone is reinforced throughout the book by both its content and its form.
      • On the downside, a small minority of articles favour form over content to an excessive degree.
      • It is this contrast between form and content that gives the show its constant elan.
      • In the argument of content over form or vice-versa, here content dictates form.

    • 2.4Philosophy

      forma feminine

  • 3

    • 3.1(in horseracing, football pools, fitness, ability)

      forma feminine
      to be in good/poor form estar en buena/baja forma / en buen/mal estado físico
      • he is off form because of flu está en baja forma por la gripe
      • he's on form tonight está en forma / en vena esta noche
      • (in horseracing, football pools) to study (the) form estudiar el panorama
      • on past form it seems unlikely that … conociendo su historial, no parece probable que …
      • The England cricket team's improved form will, I hope, reignite interest in the game in our inner cities.
      • On current form, he may be the best striker in the first division, but he doesn't expect to start.
      • Italo Stars have hit a rich vein of form and will be bubbling with confidence for Saturday's home clash.
      • I am lucky enough to be part of a team whose form has been magnificent, with mesmerising displays.
      • Jebb was 24 seconds behind Bailey who on current form is favourite to win the title.
      • Based on the two teams' current form, today's encounter looks set to be close fought and could go either way.
      • Fingers are crossed that both can keep up their brilliant form from the recent national games.
      • This was a crucial game for Ilkley not least because of the need to show some form as the team prepares for an arduous final few weeks of the season.
      • Smith's own form with the bat is another major concern for South Africa.
      • Aberdeen are one of the Scottish Premier League's form teams and have yet to concede a goal in five games.
      • The second day was tense as they struggled to find the previous days' form.
      • He has shown consistent form with both bat and ball so far this season but still needs a big score under his belt.
      • If he maintains his current level of form then he will be challenging for the Jockeys Title.
      • Their first league victory of the season will surely not be far away with David Bentley in his current form.
      • Following a bad start, the Greens have become one of national league two's form teams over the last two months.
      • The United manager hopes that a victory against Boavista would also ignite his team's Premiership form.
      • On current form, he certainly stands a better chance than his team-mate.
      • He said many players had discovered their form and this was having a positive influence on the team.
      • On current domestic form, Liverpool might not see another Champions League night like this for a very long time to come.
      • Part of the reason why he doesn't reproduce his club form for England is that his form improves as the team he plays in gets better.

    • 3.2British (criminal record)

      to have form tener antecedentes

  • 4

    as a matter of form por educación / cortesía
    • to be bad/good form ser de mala/buena educación
    • what's the form? ¿cuál es el procedimiento a seguir?
  • 5

    formulario masculine
    impreso masculine
    forma feminine Mexico
    to fill in / out a form rellenar / llenar una forma Mexico
  • 6British

    banco masculine
  • 7British

    (class) clase feminine
    (year) curso masculine
    (year) año masculine
  • 8

    (hare's shelter)
    madriguera feminine
  • 9

    molde masculine
  • 10US

    maniquí masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

  • 2

    (shape, mold)
    (character) formar
    (character) moldear
    how do you form the future tense? ¿cómo se forma el futuro?
  • 3

    (take shape of)
    (line/shape/circle) formar
  • 4

    (idea/opinion) formarse
    (habit) adquirir
  • 5

    (basis/part) formar
    (basis/part) constituir
  • 6

    (set up, establish)
    (committee/company/government) formar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (suspicion/plan/idea) tomar forma
    a scheme to make money formed in my head un plan para hacer dinero fue tomando forma en mi mente
  • 2

    (be made)
    (ice/fog/steam) formarse
    ice forms on water se forma hielo en el agua
  • 3

    (take shape)
    to form into a line formar fila
    • we formed into groups formamos varios grupos