Translation of form in Spanish:


forma, n.

Pronunciation /fɔːm//fɔrm/


  • 1

    • 1.1(shape)

      forma feminine
      a monster in human form un monstruo con forma humana
      • the female form la figura femenina
      • One of the nicest seasons of the year is autumn and it reflects itself in many shapes, colours and forms.
      • Pot-grown orchids provide a stunning indoor display, with a great variety of colour and form.
      • The exploration of the deployment of pure geometric forms is an ongoing theme in Don Watson's work.
      • His latest work concentrates on geometric forms, especially from Venetian floor designs.
      • The shape and form of the bungalow constantly underwent change and adaptation out of functional necessity.
      • The building is organised as a series of layers, allowing it to be read as several slender parallel forms.
      • Both the milk teeth and the permanent teeth give the face its shape and form.
      • This urban contemporary collection keeps things in perspective with simple forms, clean lines and subtle shapes.
      • The earliest item is a Viking bronze sword pommel from the late tenth century incised with diamond shapes and simplified animal forms.
      • It is the rare gardener who is not smitten by their array of brilliant colors and graceful forms.
      • In 1915 - 16 she did a series of abstract drawings and watercolours that evoked the natural world in simple forms and vivid colours.
      • A garden that is neglected does not so much cease to bear fruit, as it loses its shape and form.
      • Cement has been slapped on and ugly box-shaped structures built abutting the graceful forms of the ancient temples.
      • Her home office blends contemporary and geometric shapes with organic forms.
      • They come in a wonderful variety of shapes, forms and colours.
      • Observing the variety of colour, form and aroma of summer flowers can enhance outdoor relaxation.
      • A person's life in one sense is like a work of art, blending colors, tones, lines, and forms.
      • The artist has spent her career exploring abstract shapes and forms, creating paintings that reveal many different kinds of visual sensations.
      • The powerful roots of the oak demonstrate an earthly reflection of the power of lightning, mirroring its shape and form.
      • Crop circles don't just look pretty they express fundamental geometric forms.

    • 1.2(manner, guise)

      forma feminine
      in tablet form en forma de tabletas
      • the invitation came in the form of a letter nos (or me etc.) invitó por carta
      • the recipe requires fat in some form or other algún tipo de grasa hay que usar en la receta
      • adolescent rebellion can take many forms la rebelión adolescente puede adoptar diversas formas
      • what form should our protest take? ¿cómo deberíamos manifestar nuestra protesta?
      • Virtually all the important research continues to appear in the form of papers in journals.
      • It even published a collection of the best corrections in book form.
      • It is slander if it takes the form of spoken words, gestures or mimicry.
      • The licence is in draft form and will be issued to your clients shortly.
      • The appropriate drug in whatever form should be legal and available on prescription.
      • It will now address as a matter of urgency the form that this independent body should take.
      • The survey will be in the form of a questionnaire, asking about people's experience of the NHS in their area.
      • That pledge has since been backed by publicans in other counties who have vowed to resist the ban in its current form.
      • Anyway they seem in good form and everyone seems to have enjoyed the holiday.
      • Draft policies then appeared in the form of reports brought before Council for formal approval.
      • The bill will have serious implications for journalists and photographers in its current form.
      • Some of the following supplements may come in convenient powder forms - use those when possible.
      • Taking about 8mg of each nutrient every day in supplement form may also help tanning.
      • I only spoke to Glenn three weeks ago and he was in fine form and looking forward to the future.
      • And then yesterday I retired to my sickbed, feeling decidedly under the weather, and am still not on top form today.
      • In fact, far from more bank holidays, what we need is fewer - at least in the traditional fixed form.
      • At the time of the Revolution, many of the languages of the national minorities lacked written forms.
      • In time it may be advantageous to hold data in processed form, but at present raw data remains too valuable.
      • It will be easier at this time to put abstract ideas into concrete form.
      • I've not been feeling on top form physically or, more importantly, spiritually.
      • That morning Christine had been on great form but at 8pm her mood changed dramatically.
      • Ginger is easily obtained and comes in a variety of forms: powder, capsules, oil and tea.
      • The Church was not a separate entity, but one that gave legal form and substance to the society of the time.
      • The talk will take the form of an information session on how the local authority works.
      • If I understand the literature about Anthrax, it has to be in a powdered form in order to be distributed over a wide area or via aerosol.

  • 2

    • 2.1(type, kind)

      tipo masculine
      they require some form of explanation necesitan algún tipo de explicación
      • other forms of life otras formas de vida
      • birds are a higher form of life than insects las aves son una especie superior a los insectos
      • When winter came, grass, then as now the cheapest form of animal feed, did not grow.
      • If a pure form of proportional representation had been used in 2001 we would have had a hung parliament.
      • "They say that imitation is a form of flattery, " Shane said.
      • Melanoma is a more serious form of skin cancer.
      • Early forms of male pattern balding do well with treatment.
      • You almost have to use traditional forms of advertising, like TV and radio, which can get very expensive.
      • Faculty evaluation of students takes two basic forms: course grades and letters of recommendation.
      • The army has a zero tolerance policy towards any form of bullying or harassment.
      • We should not tolerate any form of discrimination or racism in our country.
      • Preventing HPV is difficult, since no form of barrier contraception is completely protective.
      • Correcting any form of social misbehaviour is not something that can be done quickly.
      • Even if rental income has dropped, housing proprietors are sitting on an asset that outperforms all other conventional forms of investment by up to five times.
      • I had a passport a good year before I did any travelling simply because it's a convenient form of ID.
      • Their mandate is the defence of women's rights in Quebec, with a focus on the prevention of violence and all forms of discrimination.
      • The two peoples spoke a different language and practiced different forms of religious worship.
      • The geological period known as the Cambrian is marked by the rather sudden appearance of all the basic forms of animals now in existence.
      • The Commonwealth suspends or expels nations which have military coups and non-democratic forms of government.
      • Three in 10 employees will experience some form of mental health problem in any one year.
      • The two most effective forms of mass direct action are riots and strikes.
      • It is committed to peaceful campaigns against all forms of animal abuse and promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle.

    • 2.2Linguistics

      forma feminine
      • For example, instant messaging often relies on acronyms and shortened forms of words.
      • The female form of the word was wicce, from which we get our witch, though at one time men could be witches, too.
      • The correct Irish form of the name Ballyhaunis was then, and still is open to question.
      • Granted, there is a possibility that the clitic forms had not yet evolved 200 years ago.
      • To get facility with Italian as a third language, you would need only to grasp minor changes in word forms and syntax.
      • Using polite forms and neutral pronouns with peers is considered effeminate.
      • Every noun has nine forms, you see, indicating its relationship to other words in the sentence.
      • This formality is in part caused by the Czech language, which has two forms of the second-person personal pronoun.
      • All these verb forms are, in fact, largely neutral with respect to time and may be used in sentences with differing time implications.
      • The point is that word parts are bonding into forms according to the grammatical rules of English word formation.
      • As a flood of French verbs entered the language, they acquired noun forms by zero derivation, too.
      • English does not require the use of gender-differentiated forms of the definite article and other similar words.
      • In practice, dictionaries take a middle course between wholehearted descriptivism and prescriptive edicts. They advise when a form is controversial, or a word is going out of use, or is shifting its sense.
      • She did this by presenting the children with nonsense words and setting up situations which would elicit derived forms of the words.
      • Christian names can be indicative of class and the form of the name used can be indicative of politics.
      • In other instances, there are related prepositional and adverbial forms.
      • Either way, it is strange, and so is modified into something that sounds like a current English form.
      • Some examples of words ending in -ful that have no forms in -less are awful, bashful and deceitful.
      • To arrive at the original meaning of a surname, one has to consider the earliest recorded forms and invoke the expertise of a philologist.
      • These different shapes spell out word forms that belong to the verb lexeme crown.

    • 2.3(style)

      forma feminine
      form and content forma y contenido / fondo
      • We feature a crop of interesting product designs marrying form and function in experimental ways.
      • The problem is one of both form and content, of poetic method and political consciousness.
      • Lacking both form and content, Soul Survivors can hardly be called a movie at all.
      • His smart-alec games with form and style are very witty, youthful and enormously engaging.
      • It is this contrast between form and content that gives the show its constant elan.
      • Haven't ballet purists reacted negatively to the combination of classical form and popular content?
      • Branagh's film thus presents us once again with a provocative conflict between form and content.
      • The book reflects the structure of the conference in both form and content in an attempt to capture the dynamism of the event.
      • As a pair they present a complex tale of memory and forgetting in terms of both form and content.
      • Also the length of the film dictates the form, it is a fine balance between form and content.
      • Still, the film is undeniably distinctive, although this is due to style as much as form.
      • In fact, he's made it worse by a jarring disjunction between form and content.
      • On the downside, a small minority of articles favour form over content to an excessive degree.
      • That was the thing that interested me about it; it's that marriage between form and content.
      • This uncomfortable contradiction between form and content lies at the heart of both their work.
      • In the argument of content over form or vice-versa, here content dictates form.
      • Indeed, this tone is reinforced throughout the book by both its content and its form.
      • Another question ran as follows: Choose a poem in which the poet has created a perfect blend of form and content.
      • The subject is too self-conscious, the Italian still more concerned with form than feeling.
      • It is hard to separate form from content, so there's no use asking authors to clean up their act.

    • 2.4Philosophy

      forma feminine

  • 3

    • 3.1(fitness, ability)

      forma feminine
      to be in good/poor form estar en buena/baja forma / en buen/mal estado físico
      • he is off form because of flu está en baja forma por la gripe
      • he's on form tonight está en forma / en vena esta noche
      • (in horseracing, football pools) to study (the) form estudiar el panorama
      • on past form it seems unlikely that … conociendo su historial, no parece probable que …
      • He said many players had discovered their form and this was having a positive influence on the team.
      • I am lucky enough to be part of a team whose form has been magnificent, with mesmerising displays.
      • This was a crucial game for Ilkley not least because of the need to show some form as the team prepares for an arduous final few weeks of the season.
      • On current form, he certainly stands a better chance than his team-mate.
      • On current domestic form, Liverpool might not see another Champions League night like this for a very long time to come.
      • Their first league victory of the season will surely not be far away with David Bentley in his current form.
      • Jebb was 24 seconds behind Bailey who on current form is favourite to win the title.
      • He has shown consistent form with both bat and ball so far this season but still needs a big score under his belt.
      • Based on the two teams' current form, today's encounter looks set to be close fought and could go either way.
      • If he maintains his current level of form then he will be challenging for the Jockeys Title.
      • Italo Stars have hit a rich vein of form and will be bubbling with confidence for Saturday's home clash.
      • The United manager hopes that a victory against Boavista would also ignite his team's Premiership form.
      • On current form, he may be the best striker in the first division, but he doesn't expect to start.
      • Aberdeen are one of the Scottish Premier League's form teams and have yet to concede a goal in five games.
      • Fingers are crossed that both can keep up their brilliant form from the recent national games.
      • Following a bad start, the Greens have become one of national league two's form teams over the last two months.
      • The second day was tense as they struggled to find the previous days' form.
      • The England cricket team's improved form will, I hope, reignite interest in the game in our inner cities.
      • Smith's own form with the bat is another major concern for South Africa.
      • Part of the reason why he doesn't reproduce his club form for England is that his form improves as the team he plays in gets better.

    • 3.2British slang (criminal record)

      to have form tener antecedentes

  • 4

    as a matter of form por educación / cortesía
    • to be bad/good form ser de mala/buena educación
    • what's the form? ¿cuál es el procedimiento a seguir?
  • 5

    formulario masculine
    impreso masculine
    forma feminine Mexico
    to fill in / out a form rellenar / llenar una forma Mexico
    • All completed enrolment forms must be returned to the school by Friday, February 14.
    • Ofsted is also promising to take self-assessment forms completed by head teachers into account more than at present.
    • The leaflet and claim form will also be available on the agency's website.
    • Employees can nominate their colleagues in any category and nomination forms can be obtained from the local human resource offices.
    • I get my accountant to fill out my self-assessment tax form, as it is pretty time-consuming to do it myself.
    • I'm just filling in an Occupational Health form for work, which requires details of one's GP.
    • Under the changes there is now a new procedure and application form.
    • If only he had read the fine print on the medical release form at the hospital.
    • It transpires that the only reason our buyers didn't hand deliver the contracts over the weekend was because one of their names was spelled incorrectly on the forms.
    • As already stated the details on each form will be treated in the strictest confidence.
    • It will just mean one more legal form that has to be signed before a recording can happen.
    • Every incident requiring action from a supervisor must be documented in writing on the correct form.
    • Simply complete the entry form available in the library.
    • It's becoming a card that strikes more fear into chefs' hearts than a self-assessment tax form.
    • You will have to fill out an application form and there will be questions about your medical history and your lifestyle.
    • You can print off application forms through the official website.
    • To enter the competition, fill out the application form on this page.
    • It may well be that some taxpayers are being discouraged from filling in forms simply because these forms verge on the incomprehensible.
    • At the desk Cassie and Sally filled out various forms.
    • As soon as the EU Commission approves the scheme the necessary application forms will be made available to farmers.
  • 6British

    banco masculine
    • It was a truck with a projector in the back that they'd back up to the hall, open a flap in the wall and the projector would poke through that. We'd sit on forms watching cowboy movies, I think cowboy movies was all they showed!
    • The shelter inside was totally dark and one had to grope to find a place to sit on the backless wooden forms.
    • The original seats were old wooden forms which could be pushed back against the wall.
  • 7British

    (class) clase feminine
    (year) curso masculine
    (year) año masculine
    • I took her straight back to see her form tutor and they promised to do something about it.
    • Jayden was two years older than Hailey and Alexa, he'd dropped out of school in his fifth form year to join a band.
    • I got to school and traipsed up the stairs to my form room.
    • I was friends with some girls in my form but I also had other friends from different classes.
    • I suspect that she dropped science in the fourth form, like me.
    • It plans to do this by reducing four of its year groups from three forms per year to two forms by merging the classes.
    • I am a supply teacher and I have been for the past nine years teaching in primary schools, high schools, sixth forms and colleges.
    • Laura came home very distressed because she thought her form teacher would tell her off for being late.
  • 8

    (hare's shelter)
    madriguera feminine
    • Hares lie overnight in ‘forms’, which are a kind of above-ground nest.
  • 9

    molde masculine
    • The quality of this work depends not on the mix of the material itself, but rather on the formwork into which the concrete is poured. Well crafted, watertight wooden forms are essential.
    • A slab foundation is made by building wooden forms and pouring the concrete into these forms.
  • 10US

    maniquí masculine
    • He held her so that she could not move, his strong arms encircled about her slender form.
    • Her slender form was a crumpled heap in his arms, with bruises and blood marring her creamy white skin.
    • She was dressed in a long, silver dress that clung to her form.
    • He lifted her small, lifeless form into his arms.
    • Stepping into the doorway separating the two rooms, he studied her slim form huddled on the couch.
    • What she didn't know was the fading sunlight framed her perfect form and gave her hair a fiery glow.
    • Just the other night, I must have passed by the sleeping forms of at least 20 people on Park Avenue.
    • He was a lifelong bachelor and was believed to have remained celibate - but did he enjoy painting the naked female form?
    • Pulling her silk robe more tightly around her naked form, Olivia pads over to her night table to pick up a bottle of body lotion.
    • He stepped to the side so that his form blocked the door.
    • I walked up the stairs and glanced back at his darkened form in the garden.
    • Before him Erik saw a mass of huddled forms in the corner of the room.
    • His patched clothes hung loosely about his bony form.
    • Suddenly, they noticed the form of an animal ahead, leaning down to drink.
    • The light drew closer and human forms were soon visible, running towards the crowd.
    • I tucked Claire in, sitting beside her sleeping form and stroking back her light hair from her beautiful face.
    • Several other shapeless gray forms emerged from the tents inside the camp.
    • She stared after him until his retreating form was no longer discernible through the trees.
    • Soon enough the attackers emerged, their blurred forms now visible under the crimson light.
    • She wore a skirt of powder blue with an ivory chiffon blouse that heightened her delicate physique and slender form.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(shape, mold)

      (character) formar
      (character) moldear
      how do you form the future tense? ¿cómo se forma el futuro?
      • The mixture is heated over a low fire, then formed into shape and cooled.
      • The report will form part of a strategy to help advise governments on diet, physical activity and health.
      • It formed an important formative influence on the young Tagore.
      • His lips formed into a thin line when he saw Jason wrap his arm around me.
      • The nuclear family, although forming the smallest kin unit, is always socially embedded in a wider kin unit.
      • Reproductions of wallpapers and carpets that might have been used in the house in the early nineteenth century form the backdrop for the museum's collection.
      • Overall, these arguments form a relatively small - but important - part of the book.
      • Mix everything together lightly but thoroughly, then form the mixture into 4 plump patties.
      • Examination of the chart shape forms a very useful part of any basic reading of the horoscope.
      • The arts centre will form the centrepiece of the community's art and crafts industry.
      • Together they form one of the most original and dramatic works of architecture of the period anywhere in Europe.
      • One of stone's great beauties is that it can be shaped and formed in any way you like.
      • The shoulders of the dress hung off Isabelle's shoulders and the sleeves went all the way down her arm forming a ‘v’ shape on the top of each hand.
      • The film also shows multiple shots of two adult penguins cuddling side by side, their beaks touching and forming almost a heart shape.
      • With the boulevard Massena, they form a triangle of broad, leafy streets that defines Paris' Asian quarter.
      • I arrived there late in the evening just as the smoke from the village fires was forming a perfect horizontal line above the fields.
      • Bronwen stopped and brought her hands together, forming a steeple with her long fingers.
      • The diary he kept during his time on smack eventually formed the basis for Trainspotting.
      • It maintains evolution and forms the very basis of cosmic life.
      • With the mirrors facing inwards, tape the 3 cardboards together to form a triangular container.
      • It seems to me that these four reasons form a rather weak basis for his claim.
      • The light surrounded the boy, and formed into the shape of a Chinese dragon.
      • The present compilation combines aspects of both the flamboyant virtuoso and the profound spiritualist that together formed the personality of Franz Liszt.
      • Due to the karst topography, rocks and caves along the river have formed in strange shapes, stimulating the imagination of sightseers.
      • The Sligo service forms part of the airline's route to the north west.
      • Wet your hands well with cold water, and form the mixture into small, flattened sausage shapes about 8cm long.
      • This clay was formed into a pot, mainly by building it up from layers of rings which are smoothed together by hand or on a wheel.
      • Bricks are made from clay and other materials which are formed into shapes then fired in a kiln to make them strong and durable.
      • His own lips were slightly parted, forming a small ‘o’ shape.
      • Add a couple of tablespoons of cold water and bring together to form a firm dough.
      • Add the oil, rosemary, flour and salt and bring together to form a dough.
      • The impressive group of works which forms the core of the exhibition is accompanied by others less prepossessing and of sometimes doubtful relevance.
      • Dairiseki looked up, and her eyebrows pulled tightly together, forming a crease in the center of her forehead.
      • He published this method in 1919, and it also formed the basis of his seminal paper on the scattering of plane electric waves by spheres.
      • It is not my role to agree with any proposition about the ideal family relationship that forms the best environment for raising children.
      • The Queen has paid for 33 clematis plants which will form the central path up to the marquee at her garden party on August 8 this year.
      • The music is superb, noble and inspiring, especially the choruses which form the backbone of the work.
      • These rocks also occur beneath the Lagan Valley and the line of mountains forming the Antrim hills.
      • As she edged closer, she could see shapes forming in the centre of each light.
      • Traditional medicine still forms an essential part of rural health care for most people here.

    • 1.2(take shape of)

      (line/circle/shape) formar
      • I immediately ran away from the aircraft to where the rest of the crew had formed up.
      • They formed up in three squadron lines, 1100m across, 300 metres apart and with 4 to 5 m between horsemen.
      • The men form up on the Green as the sound of marching British troops is heard.
      • The rest of my unit got out of the train of hummers, and formed up behind me.
      • He quickly formed his army up to meet an attack, but his crossbowmen were still on the other side of the river.
      • The defenders fired from the walls, but the artillery breached a gate and when the storming party formed up, the defenders departed, leaving the city to be taken.
      • The 10th Battalion and 16th Battalion formed up for the counter-attack in the assembly positions.
      • Believing that easy pickings were in store, the American warships formed up and closed range.
      • The Detachments marching in the Procession are formed up in The Mall, Marlborough Road and Cleveland Row.
      • The Roman fleet formed up in an unusual formation that proved to be very effective.
      • ‘We must form up our troops and attack while we still have the advantage of surprise’ Jacomus added.
      • The regular fighters were deploying out of the other bays, and forming up in the standard offensive formation ahead of the bigger ships.
      • Thursday we formed up the cars and drove to Colonial Williamsburg, maybe two miles away.
      • And while the rebels formed up on the ridge, the royalists did the same some 500 yards away - out of shot from the dreaded longbows.
      • They took position on the high ground and watched government troops form up on the slopes below.
      • He took up his staff and stepped into the middle of the clearing, standing before the ranks of troops that had formed up to finish off the rebels.
      • The general snapped his fingers twice, and the soldiers formed up into a dense phalanx.
      • The Austrians were formed up in a strong position 4 miles wide, in an area of rolling country, with the village of Leuthen at their centre, and their flanks protected by marshy ground.
      • The defenders formed up in a V-shaped formation.
      • After lunch we formed up and practised our parade drill and made sure that everyone knew what was going on; when the time came for the real thing we were all ready for it.

  • 2

    (idea/opinion) formarse
    (habit) adquirir
    • Individual councillors sought advice and formed their own judgement about whether or not they could take part.
    • As long as the reason of man continues fallible, and he is at liberty to exercise it, different opinions will be formed.
    • Needless to say, she had formed a rather negative opinion based on what she had seen at the prison.
    • I formed the impression that my husband was not close to his relatives, given the disparaging way he spoke about them.
    • More extensive studies must be performed before any concrete theory can be formed.
    • You may find it would broaden the mind if you formed your opinions on the world by means other than the Daily Mail.
    • And how can you trust your teenage opinion of people, when those opinions were being formed via rampaging hormones and juvenile mood swings?
    • The probability is, however, that Gough has already formed a pretty good idea of where he will be going and that only the final details remain to be settled.
    • In 1995 he formed the idea of organising an exhibition in Greenwich to celebrate the Millennium.
    • On the basis of its own investigations the landlord formed an honestly held belief that this tenant would detrimentally affect the mall.
    • I shook whatever ideas I had been forming out of my mind and pressed the small white button that I assumed was the doorbell.
    • Hence there is no sense of the possibility of individuals forming their own moral judgements about right and wrong.
    • Many of my opinions have been formed and informed by African American life.
    • Of course, there must also be those who would disagree with my position, having formed an equally strong but opposite opinion.
    • My previous opinion had been formed after hearing a Clarence Valley bird expert talking on local ABC Radio.
    • Completely different opinions may be formed if there's no channel for interaction and communication.
    • While the idea was still being formed, however, something happened to him.
    • He was given a contract lasting 18 months, but appreciated opinions would be formed about his ability to make the transition from playing long before that.
    • Before the jurors leave, the judge instructs them to not discuss the case, as their opinion should not be formed before all testimony is heard.
    • Margaret remains a person of fixed tastes and opinions which were formed very early.
  • 3

    (part/basis) formar
    (basis/part) constituir
  • 4

    (set up, establish)
    (company/committee/government) formar
    • The researchers speculated that separation from parents might hinder the chances of forming intimate relationships as an adult.
    • A strike committee has been formed and any votes cast will be by way of secret ballot.
    • Lucky for us, the relationships that we formed allowed us a lot of freedom to explore what was really going on.
    • The PCB has also announced the dissolution of provincial cricket associations that were formed on an experimental basis in 2003.
    • Together they have formed a unique company that has played a key role in bringing the Asian experience to the forefront of British Theatre.
    • Subsequently, an authentic relationship must be formed with each student, each semester.
    • Similar relationships have been formed with all foreign suppliers with whom they import directly.
    • A task team will be formed to ensure the plans are implemented and to draw up a budget to put before the council.
    • In 1974, the FBI formed its Behavioral Science Unit to investigate serial rape and homicide cases.
    • During this briefer spell he formed a mutually enriching friendship with Gustav Holst.
    • Most of them have formed a lasting, positive network.
    • He has worked with many players from the current squad already, and has formed a close bond with them.
    • Seven officers have formed an Arson Reduction Team whose aim is to educate people and demonstrate the consequences of arson.
    • The five local lads who got together and formed a band last year, are very popular with locals for 21st birthday parties etc.
    • The club's many supporters may wish to form a Trust and proceed on that basis.
    • He has difficulty forming intimate or trusting relationships.
    • All of these patients heard of Dr. Philippe by word of mouth and they have formed their own informal support groups so that they can help each other.
    • The numbers of folks I interacted with there and the lasting relationships I formed were just great.
    • For a while many settled down and formed relationships with local women.
    • Those who did not like me just let me get on with my life, conversely, I formed some very strong friendships, none of which depended upon answers to the homework or lifts in the car.
    • Those who wanted issues resolved in a constitutional manner formed a Home Rule party in 1870.
    • We hoped that, by banding together and forming a group to take united action, we could take a hand in shaping the future of our own community.
    • During the 2-year course at the college, the students formed strong bonds with each other and their mentors.
    • No one had any real idea of how to form an inclusive and representational government.
    • The meeting followed an earlier one at which a committee had been formed to draw up rules.
    • When the European Union was formed, it had six countries, and three of them were French-speaking.
    • They will move to a new, central squad, which is being formed specifically to crack down on street crime.
    • The group agreed it was a great idea and formed a registered non-profit society.
    • The growing need for cooperation and integration among Asian countries dictates that East Asian countries get together and move toward forming one community.
    • Alliances can be quickly formed, and supportive friendships quickly made.
    • Neighbours have already got together and formed a community association, which in all but name is a crime fighting force.
    • We've formed a very good relationship that's like a family to me.
    • Walpole had served George I for many years and George II soon formed an equally successful relationship with him.
    • It seemed odd, these relationships having been formed out of seemingly nothing.
    • She was glad to make friends with him, despite the tense circumstances under which the relationship had been formed.
    • Daladier often poured out his heart to Bullitt in this way, and formed an extremely close relationship with him.
    • In 1909, these immigrants and some Americans formed an organization named the Indo-American Association.
    • Some composers, notably Stockhausen, formed their own publishing companies.
    • Autism is a cruel condition that shuts children away in their own world and prevents them forming normal friendships and relationships.
    • That result may help explain the difficulties many of these children have in forming secure relationships.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(develop)

      (suspicion/idea/plan) tomar forma
      a scheme to make money formed in my head un plan para hacer dinero fue tomando forma en mi mente
      • Small beads of sweat were now forming on my forehead.
      • All day Sunday, a plan had been forming in my mind.
      • Conservatism is about pragmatism and respect for the established order which has formed over many generations.
      • You should clean these feeders every three days to ensure that mold does not form.
      • A plan formed in his mind, but he did not have much time to think it over.
      • Mix to combine and set aside for five minutes, or until small bubbles form on the surface.
      • Incredible temperatures would have occurred as the sun, the nine known planets, and the thousands of other bodies that orbit the sun gradually formed.
      • When the flowers begin to fade and before a seed pod forms, cut the flower head, being careful to leave the foliage to die back naturally.
      • An idea slowly began forming in the back of my mind.
      • Despite this, an establishment consensus has already formed on the task at hand.
      • He smiled slowly to himself, the plan forming gradually in his mind.
      • He ran his thumb tenderly over the bruise already forming on her face.
      • As Dani was translating the words, tears formed in her grandmother's eyes.
      • Dip a glass into water and see if droplets form on the surface.
      • The tubers will form on the surface of the soil, or just below.
      • But when we started to sing, a few passers-by began turning their heads in curiosity and gradually a crowd formed and some even sang with us.
      • Although the light was very dim, I began to see shapes forming in the darkness around me.
      • He blushed at his admission and I wondered at the shy relationship that had formed between my two friends.
      • In 1976, he calculated that once a black hole forms, it starts losing mass by radiating energy.
      • It is caused when blood clots form in deep veins in the legs, moving to block the blood vessels of vital organs.

    • 1.2(be made)

      (ice/fog/steam) formarse
      ice forms on water se forma hielo en el agua

  • 2

    (take shape)
    to form into a line formar fila
    • we formed into groups formamos varios grupos