Translation of formality in Spanish:


ceremonia, n.

Pronunciation /fɔrˈmælədi//fɔːˈmalɪti/

nounPlural formalities

  • 1

    (formal quality)
    ceremonia feminine
    formalidad feminine
    • Michael did not suffer fools gladly and could seem aloof and distant at times, but this was his rather old-world formality.
    • ‘That was the last era where there were rules of etiquette, when there was still an element of formality,’ Maggie says.
    • There are no traditional rules or rigid formality or fairy tale settings involving tormented love between a man and woman.
    • Here, one must maintain discipline, proper etiquette, and formality.
    • Renowned for her light-hearted disregard of formality, kicking off her shoes and chewing gum at meetings, she is reputed to have removed her wig to break the tension during key meetings.
    • Country house hotels promote this informal formality by eschewing hotel conventions such as reception desks and by ensuring that all drinks, meals and sundries are included in the per-night fee.
    • However, the general pattern of double dependence on social status and formality is maintained.
    • Undoubtedly the human animal in his/her social interactions feels safer when a certain degree of formality is observed.
    • For Vera and her family, tea consoles; for the Wells and their set, it's a ceremony, observed like everything else, with rigid formality.
    • Rigid self-control went hand-in-hand with a precise and exacting formality.
    • Social interaction is governed by norms emphasizing respect and formality and marking age, gender, status, and class differences.
    • Do we not sense a paradox here, in such procedural sameness and rigid formality applied to nature's bounteous diversity?
    • ‘We want to break down the formality, but retain high standards,’ Sankey explains.
    • However, such benefits may come at a cost as a rigid formality may conflict with deeply held professional values such as autonomy, solidarity, flexibility, and a belief in tacit knowledge.
    • However, all are divided into different levels of formality depending on the social status of the person being addressed.
    • Etiquette and formality are the antiquated attributes that make her readers swoon.
    • A new sweetness pervades daily life and replaces the coldness and formality of familial relationships under aristocracy.
    • On the other hand, expressions must have a minimal formality in order to be understandable at all.
    • They were also the evolutionary years that bridged the gap between the rigid formality of the Edwardian styles and the ultimate changes that led to the knee-length dresses of 1926.
    • He travels frequently to remote places to absorb, notate and record rare indigenous musics, then transform them for the manicured formality of the Western concert hall.
  • 2

    formalidad feminine
    it's a mere formality or merely / purely a formality es simplemente una formalidad / un formulismo
    • The bureaucratic red tape and formalities that one has to go through is the source of frustration to everyone who lives here.
    • By the time we cleared immigration and customs formalities and took a van to Makkah it was past midnight.
    • After the formalities there was free admission to some of the rides with the mayor and his official party eagerly followed by local children.
    • They have never had to follow the rules and formalities normally required of border crossers.
    • Refreshments were also served following the formalities of the evening.
    • The details of the patent itself are being kept a closely guarded secret, pending completion of the legal formalities.
    • The clinics also did not fulfil the formalities required under the PNDT Act.
    • Once I complete the formalities in Florida, I think I'll stay back a day or two and enjoy the weather.
    • However, it would not be until the paper works and formalities are completed that these boats are sent home.
    • Why all the formalities and petty regulations, if one is supposed to become free?
    • However, he has to comply with certain formalities before he is entitled to enforce this right.
    • Only after completing all these formalities can the supplier sell his goods to the industries at the CSEZ.
    • They may hold conventions, but these are mostly formalities to endorse a decision that the party bosses have made.
    • In the past, customs regulations and formalities were cumbersome and this resulted in freight delays.
    • Was it simply the pressure to follow the formalities of the UN road?
    • It was a clinical but not brutal performance, one in which Hewitt did everything right, right down to the formalities at the end of the match.
    • Legal formalities in accident cases should be simplified so that people will not turn away.
    • Bob and Vic have not completed the entry paperwork formalities and have not registered as required.
    • However, the formalities were completed after a long wait of over nine hours at 7 on Sunday morning.
    • The formalities take just moments, and you are whisked aboard to be greeted by a cabin steward ready to take your hand luggage and show you to your suite.