Translation of formation in Spanish:


formación, n.

Pronunciation /fɔrˈmeɪʃ(ə)n//fɔːˈmeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    formación feminine
    • They haven't been consulted by the Government during the process of policy formation.
    • Keep your limb elevated as much as possible to prevent blood clot formation.
    • Excessive alcohol intake inhibits bone formation, possibly by a direct toxic effect on osteoblasts.
    • The creative process of formation was more important than the production of pictures.
    • One way to induce lateral root formation is by the application of IAA.
    • Firstly, the process of government formation is going to be dominated by three factors.
    • During this time the molecular processes of memory formation which underlie addiction are accelerated.
    • Amyloid fibril formation generally is a result of alteration of the native conformation.
    • Pore formation is promoted by an increased likelihood of transmembrane water defects in the presence of an external electric field.
    • The simultaneous occurrence of random aggregation and amyloid fibril formation has been observed before.
    • He said the process of formation of committees for the function had been almost been completed.
    • Currently there is much interest in spiritual disciplines and the process of spiritual formation.
    • Serotonin is stored in platelets and its release stimulates thrombus formation.
    • It's an important ballast in the process of policy formation, even if can be annoying for the politicals.
    • Our data are consistent with these studies and give further evidence that bone formation is a complex process, which is not initiated or regulated by a single factor.
    • To make the best use of them, continuous and intensive research needs to be undertaken into the form of Malayalam alphabets, formation of the words and the construction of sentences.
    • Value formation is an interactive process, and the media is an essential vehicle for that.
    • As we found, positive potential on the side of compound addition facilitates pore formation.
    • Amyloid fibril formation depends on a partial unfolding of the native protein.
    • The driving force behind the aesthetics of modularity is a transformation in the geometry of class, the shift from a national to a global process of class formation.
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    (formal pattern)
    formación feminine
    to fly in formation volar en formación
    • in battle formation en formación de combate
    • In big towns and urban-type rural centers, there should be several such formations.
    • The granulomatous pattern showed a formation of multiple granulomata with various degrees of inflammatory cell infiltration.
    • They were arrayed in a circular formation, guarding something within.
    • A variety of techniques were used to assist them in discovering the new formations.
    • These are crystal formations with structured spaces or pores in them.
    • I have seen them swimming in long lines and sometimes in giant circular formations.
    • You should use either the box formation or the diamond formation.
    • Oh, yeah, there are also some weird cloud formations and a couple of people get sucked into the sky.
    • Building on the tactics of skirmishers, open-order tactics possessed only loose tactical formations.
    • The key is to be able to spot the formation of the patterns as they are developing.
    • Transformation, however, is much more than just new equipment or even new formations.
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    formación feminine