Translation of formidable in Spanish:


imponente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfɔrmədəb(ə)l//fərˈmɪdəb(ə)l//ˈfɔːmɪdəb(ə)l//fəˈmɪdəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (rock-face/task) imponente
    (obstacle/problem) tremendo
    (achievement/courage) extraordinario
    (achievement/courage) monumental
    (achievement/courage) formidable
    (enemy/opponent) temible
    she's a formidable lady es una mujer que impone
    • she has a formidable temper tiene un genio tremendo / impresionante
    • In Hassan, though, he came up against a formidable opponent and a smart street fighter.
    • Pittodrie presently holds one of the most formidable fear factors in the Premierleague.
    • What we do know is that she has a formidable mind, powerful admirers and a yellow plastic digger on her desk.
    • In the face of such formidable colleagues, Jo's desire to impress and succeed is even more acute.
    • It was an emphatic victory and formidable testimony to his talent and determination.
    • The doctrine in detail is one of formidable complexity, but its basic principle is simple.
    • The first game after the enforced break was a tough encounter against formidable opponents.
    • Yet for a chef who shoots from the mouth, Ramsay inspires formidable loyalty.
    • That brings a formidable new dimension to the conflict, further magnified by its global scale.
    • He assuredly bumped off a formidable array of erstwhile friends and possible rivals.
    • This made him a formidable thinker but his knowledge and expertise did not just come from midnight oil.
    • The shipbuilders have been playing well and are formidable opponents for anyone on their own patch.
    • Whoever it was, they have assembled a formidable array of talent and spent a lot of money.
    • As for Johnson, the old Lion may be getting a bit long in the tooth but he is still a formidable opponent.
    • His accomplishments were formidable during the first three decades of his reign.
    • A formidable array of armour and troops roared through in a never ending stream.
    • He has built a formidable reputation on challenging the corporate orthodoxy.
    • Among a formidable list of opponents, the American Deena Kastor may be the most dangerous.
    • Bayern would look more formidable if they could get two of their most talented midfielders fully fit.
    • The trick will be to blend this talent into a formidable team by championship time.