Translation of formula in Spanish:


fórmula, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɔrmjələ//ˈfɔːmjʊlə/

nounPlural formulae, Plural formulas

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    Physics Mathematics Chemistry
    fórmula feminine
    • We wish to compare the modern formula for curvature with Huygens's expression of ratios.
    • Sodium carbonate is a chemical compound which conforms to the general formula Na 2 CO 3.
    • The methyl group is the alkyl group with the chemical formula CH 3.
    • For example, he gave an approximate formula for the area and the perimeter of an ellipse.
    • Its 92 problems illustrate the formula for summing an arithmetic progression.
    • Jacobi deduced a formula for the approximants in terms of determinants in 1845.
    • He gave the well-known formula for the Fibonacci numbers
    • The empirical formula of a compound is that which is obtained through laboratory research.
    • The composition of a mineral is shown by its chemical formula, which states each of the chemical elements present in the mineral as well as the ratios of each element.
    • If we think about it a little, we can give a general formula for calculating conditional probabilities.
    • While iron oxide in its nonstoichometric form is still represented by the FeO formula, the proportion of its components will deviate from that of the compound in its ideal form.
    • Acetic acid is a clear, colorless liquid with the chemical formula C 2 H 4 O 2.
    • For example this would give us the formula NaCl for sodium chloride.
    • Isomers are compounds having the same chemical formula but having different arrangements of atoms.
    • This work also contains the famous sine formula for plane triangles.
    • Using a mathematical formula, researchers were able to predict around 80 percent of seizures.
    • If a pure element is present the chemical formula is merely the chemical symbol for the element.
    • One of his papers in 1895 improved on Riemann's contour integral formula for the number of primes in a given interval.
    • Nitric oxide (sometimes called nitrogen monoxide) has the chemical formula NO.
    • It is an aromatic compound denoted by the chemical formula C 7 H 5 NaO 2 with a molecular weight of 144.11.
    • Both cyanides and nitriles have the general formula RCN with a triple bond between the carbon and nitrogen (R-CN).
    • Ptolemy's Almagest was a complete theory, but it involved applying a different mathematical formula for the motion of each planet and therefore did not really represent an overall unifying system.
    • His focus seemed to be distracted or maybe Nanci succeeded and had found the mathematical formula for regret.
    • Use the formula for the Lucas numbers given in terms of the Fibonacci numbers.
    • Ethyne, or acetylene, has the chemical formula CH 2 CH 2, with a triple bond between the two carbons.
    • Weyl went on to establish a character formula and a dimension formula for his representations.
    • Her other boarder and a friend spent hours trying to figure out the mathematical formula for solving the puzzle.
    • The actual formula of the ionic compound (and the number of cations and anions) will thus depend on the relative charges of the anion and cation.
    • If the formula of a compound was important to the student then the name should be a systematic one constructed strictly according to the IUPAC rules on substitutive nomenclature.
    • This is a quadratic equation in a 3, so solve for a 3 using the usual formula for a quadratic.
    • The formula for the calculation also makes it possible to predict impact factor for an upcoming year with reasonable accuracy.
    • The structural formulae of the three compounds are shown in Figure 1.
    • Using NA as the total number of links in the network and N as the total number of persons, here is a mathematical formula for density.
    • A more precise estimate of caloric needs can be obtained by using a mathematical formula.
    • Methane has the chemical formula CH 4 and the methyl group is CH 3.
    • A formula for the line integral of the geodesic curvature along a closed curve is known as the Gauss Bonnet theorem.
    • Compound formulae can themselves be elements of larger compounds.
    • A few years before, Albert Einstein in his general theory of relativity had published a mathematical formula for the evolution of the universe.
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    (recipe, plan)
    fórmula feminine
    (drama/painting/comedy) (before noun) sin originalidad US
    (comedy/painting/drama) (before noun) adocenado US
    a sure formula for success una receta infalible para tener éxito
    • This of course is a formula for nuclear proliferation.
    • But having taken care of 11 children and 2 grandchildren for the past 50 years, the old and wise ones whipped out their secret formula.
    • Their winning formula is based on three traits that would serve most companies well: patience, stability and flexibility.
    • The material is mostly barytes, with traces of diesel oil, surfactants, biocides, heavy metals and other chemicals in the often secret formulas used by well drillers.
    • A formula for beer, the world's oldest known recipe, is inscribed onto a clay tablet.
    • Myers confesses that his formula works out quite well for his record labels.
    • Meanwhile after five days of intensive effort, the Labour Relations Commission has so far failed to come up with a peace formula.
    • They appeared concerned, maybe because the magic formula for success remains elusive.
    • He has tried to figure out different ways to find a winning formula.
    • He checked the formulas and double-checked the ingredients.
    • He took the lead in prescribing a formula for peace and imposing national reconciliation.
    • This leaves one important ingredient missing from the formula.
    • You would be hard pressed to find a creatine supplement with more direct research supporting its formula and ingredients.
    • The secret formula was discovered while Mr Parker and his colleagues were looking for a way of cleaning up the contaminants on the gold mine site cheaply.
    • You'll be following the same tried-and-true formula as other successful, long-term businesses.
    • Within an amazingly short period of time Ross Hurley and his Great Group of Gritty Gold Miners had extinguished the fire and saved the secret formulas.
    • But that's what is so refreshing about their approach - they have somehow cracked the secret formula of winning pop, and if that involves a little thievery from their idols, so be it.
    • Publicity pieces also tended to follow a tried-and-true formula the studios had used for a quarter century.
    • The formula worked, and before long he was picking up regular bookings.
    • "I don't think there is any secret, magic formula for success, " he says.
    • But the party has long accepted the formula of land for peace.
    • The following is a list of formulas that can be useful.
    • For example, assume we are Coke and we have a secret formula.
    • An open formula lists the percentage or amount per ton of all ingredients in the complete feed, premixes, or supplements.
    • Different ideologies, the Left, the Right and the Centre, have failed to provide a panacea for war and a formula for peace.
    • The peace agreement provides a formula for southern rebels and the government to share political power and the country's oil wealth and other natural resources.
    • Can he explain the secret formula that enables a select group of men and women to turn a good performance into something memorable and liberating?
    • Zingerman's provides a valuable example of a formula for achieving just that.
    • Would he be trusted going forward with information about patents and secret formulas?
    • He refused to disclose any further details on his secret formula.
    • Hamill's system is a formula for church governance that enshrines caution.
    • There is not one magic formula for success in the boating industry, but many.
    • Think of a screen as a formula or recipe of ingredients used to guide computer software to select a batch of good stock picks.
    • Can he mix those ingredients into a winning formula?
    • While most of the formulas emphasize nourishing yin and moistening dryness, two formulas are listed for excess conditions.
    • Nobody had the secret formula that turned out to be as simple as 9, 32 and 35.
    • Duncan Kerr would argue that he's not making the removal of a judge any easier, he's just setting out a clear-cut formula or a clear-cut procedure for dealing with a crisis if it emerges.
    • What they do is scan thousands of other Web pages and, using a secret formula, decide what the top stories are.
    • But Maharishi has come up with a formula for world peace, which he believes can be achieved with large groups of meditators.
    • The Penny Press and the tabloids used the same formulas to achieve unprecedented commercial success.
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    • 3.1(set procedure)

      fórmula feminine
      • The campaign is following the standard formula.
      • The trouble with films is that we've come to expect them to follow a basic formula, usually involving all loose endings being tied up and a happy ending.
      • With more money to invest, SEP could follow a tried-and-tested formula.
      • They say instead of following the genre's formulas, if they want to understand the film they should instead look at the character's mental state and personalities.
      • The key to a feel-good movie like this succeeding has very little to do with the overall plot, which must follow certain time-honored formulas.
      • Every episode seemed to be following the same formula, and nobody was an interesting enough character to draw me in week after week.
      • A committee of 20 acting as an executive is simply a formula gridlock.
      • Wal-Mart follows a simple formula every time it opens a new store.
      • Most rap still follows the initial formula of rhymed couplets that casually mix full rhyme with assonance.
      • It follows recognizable formulas and trades on traditional stereotypes.
      • And in doing so, we basically have to follow the same formula.
      • I hated those English classes and being made to follow a set formula.
      • The songs rarely follow predictable formulas, falling into one another by means of eerie instrumental transitions.
      • Mostly, though, it follows the romcom formula right through to its series of misunderstandings and foregone conclusions.
      • It encompasses any kind of writing that doesn't follow formulas and makes readers think and wonder more than answering questions - it allows any subject or plot.
      • It circumvents the standard formula cat and mouse mechanics to play a more painful and piercing game of liar versus eager listener.
      • I can't give away the ending, since I recommend the movie, but it doesn't exactly follow the formula of lawyer loses first, then wins.
      • Far from providing a break from run of the mill TV, Big Brother follows the same pat formulas.
      • Up until now, the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular video game franchises to date, has followed a standard formula.
      • It's a show about cops and criminals, but it doesn't follow any genre formulas.

    • 3.2(form of words)

      fórmula feminine
      a polite formula una fórmula de cortesía
      • Ideas (in the usual sense of the word) are conventional expressions or formulas.
      • We profess our faith not merely in a formula of words, but rather in the realities to which those words refer.
      • His research results didn't give him confidence in the ability of jurors to digest and apply complex legal formulas.
      • A legal formula is likely to devalue that individualism, the very uniqueness we assume such wills are designed to capture.
      • The law has to be expressed in words, and some verbal formulas are hedged about with linguistic conventions which do not correspond to moral or social distinctions in responsibility.
      • Unless the full formula is regarded as a sole unit, the words of a formula can be subdivided into more than two units.
      • The challenge for the SPC was to find a formula of words to be introduced into the Development Plan recognising the guidelines while at the same time securing the best result for the county.
      • Good manners include taking time to greet people properly, using conventional oral formulas.
      • Six EU governments have agreed to accept the men, but talks all last week in Brussels failed to produce a legal formula.
      • The surviving written records for particular cases also follow a simple formula.
      • At first, beginners understand little and produce nothing, then gradually they understand individual words, fixed formulas, and disconnected items in speech or text.
      • As a result, the Book of Exodus is brimming with theophanies, legal formulas, songs, and poems.
      • They cannot be reduced to neat legal formulas, purely objective tests and evidentiary standards.
      • It is full of legal formulas whose meanings are now obscure.
      • They were uncomfortable in contexts where formulas were not useful.
      • Now the student is not learning to repeat the words, or the formulas, or the constructions of Archimedes.

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    (motor racing)
    fórmula feminine
    formula one/four fórmula uno/cuatro
    • It's the best idea, so we are in favour of considering a formula with a 2.4 V8 in the future, and also to consider how to extend engine life.
    • Scott passed Barnard on the inside and his years of experience in the V8 formula paid off as he began to open his lead and pick his way through the back markers with consummate skill.
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    (for baby)
    preparado para biberón masculine
    preparado para lactantes masculine
    • A favourite is baby rice, which is ground rice with added vitamins and minerals that should be mixed with breast or formula milk or boiled then cooled water.
    • Bottled water is now given to mothers feeding formula milk to their babies because the scheme water contains dangerously high levels of nitrates.
    • Contrary to popular belief, neither soy milk nor soy infant formula is traditional in Asia.
    • The health benefits of breast feeding outweigh formula milk by so much.
    • Campaigners claim breast-feeding is a natural immune booster, is more nutritious than formula milk and leaves babies less vulnerable to allergies and conditions such as asthma.
    • No one consumes more soy per kilogram of body weight than infants who are fed soy-based formula.
    • Government protocol stated it was prepared to provide the babies with formula milk for six months.
    • Soy-based formulas contain the proteins found in soybeans rather than those found in cow's milk.
    • Breast milk alone and standard infant formulas are unable to meet the increased needs.
    • But as the long nights wore on, and my milk supply began to dwindle as Alice's appetite increased, a friend suggested we introduce the forbidden fruit that is formula milk into her diet.
    • Infants develop a predilection for the sugar that is present in both breast and formula milk.
    • If people want to diet until they almost disappear, or smoke cigarettes, or feed their baby on formula milk, or spend every spare minute lying in the blazing sun, that is their prerogative.
    • Breast milk or formula milk provides all the nutrition that babies need for the first six months.
    • Conversely, if a mother is feeding her baby formula, she will produce less breastmilk.
    • Soy formulas contain high levels of compounds that mimic oestrogen, which itself is a known immune system suppressor.
    • You may also like to try baby rice, which can be made up using breast or formula milk.
    • Those follow-ups continue for up to two years, with the mother being supplied formula milk for her baby.
    • Although babies under twelve months should not be given cow's milk without first consulting your doctor, most formula milk is based on cow's milk.
    • However, a paucity of data exists on the long-term effects of infant soy formulas.
    • In infants the rash may be mistaken for breast or formula milk.