Translation of formula in Spanish:


fórmula, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈfɔrmjələ//-liː//ˈfɔːmjʊlə/


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    Chemistry Physics Mathematics
    fórmula feminine
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    (recipe, plan)
    fórmula feminine
    (drama/painting/comedy) (before noun) sin originalidad US
    (comedy/drama/painting) (before noun) adocenado US
    a sure formula for success una receta infalible para tener éxito
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    • 3.1(set procedure)

      fórmula feminine
      • The campaign is following the standard formula.
      • Far from providing a break from run of the mill TV, Big Brother follows the same pat formulas.
      • It follows recognizable formulas and trades on traditional stereotypes.
      • Every episode seemed to be following the same formula, and nobody was an interesting enough character to draw me in week after week.
      • It circumvents the standard formula cat and mouse mechanics to play a more painful and piercing game of liar versus eager listener.
      • And in doing so, we basically have to follow the same formula.
      • It encompasses any kind of writing that doesn't follow formulas and makes readers think and wonder more than answering questions - it allows any subject or plot.
      • I hated those English classes and being made to follow a set formula.
      • Up until now, the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular video game franchises to date, has followed a standard formula.
      • Wal-Mart follows a simple formula every time it opens a new store.
      • The songs rarely follow predictable formulas, falling into one another by means of eerie instrumental transitions.
      • Most rap still follows the initial formula of rhymed couplets that casually mix full rhyme with assonance.
      • I can't give away the ending, since I recommend the movie, but it doesn't exactly follow the formula of lawyer loses first, then wins.
      • The trouble with films is that we've come to expect them to follow a basic formula, usually involving all loose endings being tied up and a happy ending.
      • They say instead of following the genre's formulas, if they want to understand the film they should instead look at the character's mental state and personalities.
      • The key to a feel-good movie like this succeeding has very little to do with the overall plot, which must follow certain time-honored formulas.
      • With more money to invest, SEP could follow a tried-and-tested formula.
      • Mostly, though, it follows the romcom formula right through to its series of misunderstandings and foregone conclusions.
      • It's a show about cops and criminals, but it doesn't follow any genre formulas.
      • A committee of 20 acting as an executive is simply a formula gridlock.

    • 3.2(form of words)

      fórmula feminine
      a polite formula una fórmula de cortesía
      • The challenge for the SPC was to find a formula of words to be introduced into the Development Plan recognising the guidelines while at the same time securing the best result for the county.
      • They cannot be reduced to neat legal formulas, purely objective tests and evidentiary standards.
      • Unless the full formula is regarded as a sole unit, the words of a formula can be subdivided into more than two units.
      • Good manners include taking time to greet people properly, using conventional oral formulas.
      • Now the student is not learning to repeat the words, or the formulas, or the constructions of Archimedes.
      • It is full of legal formulas whose meanings are now obscure.
      • Ideas (in the usual sense of the word) are conventional expressions or formulas.
      • The surviving written records for particular cases also follow a simple formula.
      • At first, beginners understand little and produce nothing, then gradually they understand individual words, fixed formulas, and disconnected items in speech or text.
      • His research results didn't give him confidence in the ability of jurors to digest and apply complex legal formulas.
      • Six EU governments have agreed to accept the men, but talks all last week in Brussels failed to produce a legal formula.
      • As a result, the Book of Exodus is brimming with theophanies, legal formulas, songs, and poems.
      • The law has to be expressed in words, and some verbal formulas are hedged about with linguistic conventions which do not correspond to moral or social distinctions in responsibility.
      • A legal formula is likely to devalue that individualism, the very uniqueness we assume such wills are designed to capture.
      • We profess our faith not merely in a formula of words, but rather in the realities to which those words refer.
      • They were uncomfortable in contexts where formulas were not useful.

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    (motor racing)
    fórmula feminine
    formula one/four fórmula uno/cuatro
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    (for baby)
    preparado para biberón masculine
    preparado para lactantes masculine