Translation of fortify in Spanish:


fortificar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈfɔrdəˌfaɪ//ˈfɔːtɪfʌɪ/

transitive verbfortified, fortifying, fortifies

  • 1

    (town/building) fortificar
    • Their access to the city will now be restricted by 11 heavily fortified crossings.
    • A 50-member delegation comprised of officials, rail workers and journalists from each side attended the ceremonies held in the heavily fortified area.
    • The original fort had 31 fortified positions, and after the War of Attrition, five would be sealed with sand, bringing the total number down to 26.
    • The newly fortified fence will prevent this problem.
    • Councilors made much of the fact that it was strongly fortified, making escape difficult for the inmates.
    • Three mortars were fired at the heavily fortified area.
    • Slowly, those formations began to organize themselves, digging in and building fortified defensive positions.
    • I came in from the sides like a well drilled eighteenth century army attacking some fortified town in the Low Countries.
    • When it did have to fortify a place, they used a few soldiers, rather than any serious fortification.
    • He immediately set up a defensive perimeter and fortified his area.
    • Both forces used earth and logs to fortify their defensive fighting positions while fighting the 1864 Overland Campaign.
    • Mixed force elements consisting of mechanized and light units were formed at the time of taking built-up areas and destroying fortified areas.
    • There had already been a few sporadic skirmishes along their heavily fortified border.
    • I'm sure there's women and children in these villages where these fortified positions are.
    • The kingdom shall be protected by fortifying the capital and the towns at the frontiers.
    • The most important and strongly fortified facilities should be taken by specially formed assault elements (teams).
    • In this mode you make a custom fighter, then you go through a tactical game of taking enemy strongholds to fortify your battlefield position.
    • Achieving both can fortify a region militarily and put its economy on par with the world's best.
    • That area was heavily fortified by the insurgents.
  • 2

    (determination/person) fortalecer
    (determination/person) fortificar
    (argument) reforzar
    she had a snack to fortify her comió algo para recuperar fuerzas
    • I am fortified in this view by consideration of what could result if the local authority were right.
    • Julia had a great devotion to her Christian faith and was steadfast in her beliefs which fortified her throughout her life.
    • Having read this outline, I was fortified in my belief that a ‘conservative’ I am.
    • These early chapters fortify the reader for the intense examination of economic policy that follows and comprises the bulk of the book.
    • I am fortified in that conclusion by what subsequently occurred.
    • Creative projects, on the other hand, fortify you now and in the future.
    • This rejection of the so-called ordinary appears to fortify these women, giving them a feeling of entitlement to something different and better.
    • Gwen hugged her niece and led her inside for something to fortify her for the days to come.
    • But I'm not made of such stern stuff and to fortify me for the festivities I'm off to my hotel for a few hours' kip.
    • After this brief meeting, we were fortified with some basic knowledge about our surroundings, and we were able to forge ahead to explore on our own.
    • Something fortified you, gave you false strength.
    • Maybe it's a job that fortifies us, maybe a lover.
    • The headman invited a witchdoctor to cleanse his homestead and fortify him against evil forces.
    • It is a habit that will fortify the child's character and help him grow into a well-balanced, beautiful person.
    • Teaching involved so much giving out, and the painting returned to Bill a strength that fortified him for his teaching.
    • This power surged from his heart and dispersed to every cell in his body: it fortified him by strengthening his stamina, and increasing his reflexes.
    • Steak and ale pie, the local bitter and a leisurely read of the latest issue of The Chap were just the thing to fortify me for a pilgrimage to the Pitt Rivers Museum.
    • Fortunately, the school had an immensely large library, so Hannah was well fortified.
    • The baby sitter and the taxi both arrived early, requiring me to rush through the beers I had set aside to fortify me.
    • Pharmacy educators should use this text along with others to fortify the pharmacy student's knowledge of pharmaceutics.
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    • 3.1

      (wine) fortificar
      (wine) encabezar
      fortified wine vino fortificado masculine
      • Bukowski orders two glasses of Wild Irish Rose fortified wine.
      • In the old days, a dose of spirit was added to fortify the wines for a voyage to England or farther shores.
      • The principal market for Cyprus fortified wine is the United Kingdom.
      • I suspect that they never mention the wines, spirits and fortified liquids they use to marinate this, flambé that and simmer the other because it's all so easy.
      • Depending on the style of the wine, sherry is fortified with grape spirit known as aguardiente to between 15.5 and 22 per cent.
      • Sherry wine, fortified or not, is currently amazing value for money.
      • The region - best known for its great fortified port wines and some rustic dry reds - appears to be undergoing a renaissance of sorts.
      • Spirit or fortified wine is heated gently (in a ladle or small pan) until the alcohol it contains begins to vaporize, then ignited, poured over the food, and allowed to burn.
      • For the next 50 years, the Babich Brothers' winery, like so many new world ventures, made largely fortified wines for their own domestic market.
      • Madeira is fortified wine, just like the other wines in our report.
      • All table and fortified wines are live products and don't respond well to shock, so if your red wine and port is stored in a cellar or in the garage, bring it in at least 24 hours before Christmas.
      • Other than that, the only wines of international quality were the fortified wines, particularly Sherry from the town of Jerez on the southern coast.
      • The wines were laid out by styles, rather than countries, so they were divided into light and rich whites, and light, medium and rich reds and sparkling, fortified and dessert wines.
      • But I just ask the Minister, taking into account all the interruptions, why fortified wine was not included in this legislation.
      • That would be Madeira, sweet white wines fortified with brandy and named for an island off the coast of North Africa where they are crafted.
      • Bonny Doon Vineyard of Santa Cruz uses grape spirits to fortify Framboise, its raspberry wine.
      • King of them all is port, fortified with alcohol to around 20%, and settled deep in the history and hearts of drinkers.
      • Alcohol was sometimes added in order to fortify the wine and make it more tolerant of oxygen, but more sophisticated markets didn't want the overly alcoholic wines.
      • The family of sweet fortified wines include Port, Madeira, Malmsey, Vermouth and Muscat de Beaumes de Venise.
      • Ideally, red and fortified wines should stand upright for about a week before the event to adjust slowly to the increased temperature and to enable any sediment to settle at the bottom of the bottle.

    • 3.2

      (drink/food) enriquecer
      fortified with vitamins enriquecido con vitaminas
      • Because many American foods are fortified with vitamin A, deficiency is very rare in individuals who do not have certain chronic intestinal illnesses.
      • Many breakfast cereals are fortified with folic acid and it is also found in wholemeal bread.
      • Foods high in vitamin D include fortified dairy products, eggs and fortified cereal.
      • Look for soy products fortified with calcium.
      • The next step would be the addition of foods fortified with plant sterols.
      • The body more readily absorbs folic acid from vitamin supplements and fortified foods than folate from food.
      • But many foods are fortified with iron, and too much increases your risk of heart disease and certain cancers.
      • Margarine is fortified with added vitamins A and D to bring their levels up to those naturally present in butter.
      • In most cases, foods meant just for women are fortified with iron, calcium, folic acid or soy.
      • Many breads and baked products are also fortified with folate.
      • Some breakfast cereals and enriched grain products are fortified with folic acid.
      • Such diets are heavy in iron, and most cereals are fortified with the mineral even though that's unnecessary.
      • The sow diet should be adequately fortified with these nutrients to prevent this deficiency.
      • Manufacturers should lower the amount of vitamin A in multivitamin tablets and fortified foods, such as cereals, says Michaelsson.
      • In Canada, the only foods fortified with vitamin D are margarine and milk.
      • For instance, apple juice is often fortified with vitamin C and orange juice is often fortified with calcium.
      • After all, milk has been fortified with vitamins A and D for years.
      • Although it is already considered a healthful food, yogurt is being fortified with other nutrients.
      • And that's easy to do now that grain products are being fortified with the vitamin.
      • Fortified bread could be produced by adding yeast fortified with vitamins to bread dough.