Translation of fortune cookie in Spanish:

fortune cookie



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    galletita china que contiene una predicción del porvenir
    • I decide to take it as an omen, like a fortune cookie in a steak house.
    • But that comfort did not come in a fortune cookie and is not always stable and secure.
    • I have a slip of paper from a Chinese fortune cookie taped to my computer monitor.
    • ‘It's a fortune cookie,’ she told him, picking up her own.
    • I think you're more interested in the fortune cookie.
    • The title sounds like a prediction from a fortune cookie, deliberately so.
    • So I crack open the fortune cookie and you know what it says?
    • A good friend of mine, also a trip director, once got a fortune cookie that told him, ‘Judgment comes with experience.’
    • With my bill, I get a fortune cookie that says, ‘Listen not to vain words of empty tongue.’
    • I'm probably revealing my own shallowness, but doesn't that philosophy come from a fortune cookie?
    • He cracks open his fortune cookie and removes the slip of paper.
    • She served her rice as well, and gave her a fortune cookie.
    • The slip of paper inside the fortune cookie I got to choose on Thursday night read: ‘You will soon find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.’
    • I then ate the fortune cookie, and felt much less than fortunate.
    • Aren't you going to read your fortune cookie?
    • The president is a riddle wrapped in an enigma inside a Chinese fortune cookie.
    • Much of it seems like a cross between reading a Chinese fortune cookie and an Ann Landers column.
    • She would scurry into her shop of Chinese delicacies and come out with my daily fortune cookie.
    • It not only was in the tabloids, I think it was in the fortune cookie I ate two weeks ago.
    • If I'm honest, I just wait for the fortune cookie at the end of the meal.