Translation of fossil in Spanish:


fósil, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɒsɪl//ˈfɑsəl//ˈfɒs(ə)l/


  • 1

    fósil masculine
    (leaf/shell) (before noun) fosilizado
    • Until recently, however, no sponge body fossils had been identified or described from this fauna.
    • Marine rocks commonly contain plant fossils but they are outnumbered by more common and spectacular shelly invertebrate fossils.
    • Then we use the dating of a recently discovered hominid fossil as a calibration point.
    • Other marine trace fossils, together with marine bivalves, have been described from the unit as a whole.
    • All of these sites have yielded remarkably preserved Cambrian fossils, in large part due to rapid burial.
    • Shallow marine invertebrate fossils occur throughout the formation, but are mainly concentrated in four broad intervals.
    • Carboniferous and Permian strata often contain useful index fossils belonging to this group.
    • During that time new hominid fossils have been discovered in Africa.
    • Very few dinosaur fossils are actually found near this boundary.
    • Pasting on a fake smile, I nodded fervently, no longer eager to study silly fossils of dead organisms.
    • Two years ago, scientists described 5-million-year-old albatross fossils representing five different species.
    • Almost no dinosaur fossils have been found from that time, particularly in North America.
    • I decided that my own role could be to collect plant fossils for their research and museum collections.
    • Li and Ding interpreted such structures as metazoan trace fossils.
    • The decapod fossils are preserved in remarkable detail as molds and as body fossils.
    • The oldest true vertebrate fossils date back 530 million years.
    • Consider three separately discovered archaic Homo sapiens fossils dating to around 150,000 years ago.
    • Most geologists are familiar with the occurrence of plant compression fossils in bedded sedimentary rocks.
    • Scientific testing has determined that the oldest dinosaur fossils are hundreds of millions of years old.
    • There is an abundance of shelly animal fossils.
  • 2informal

    (sb outdated) vejestorio masculine informal
    (sb outdated) fósil masculine informal
    (sth outdated) antigualla feminine informal
    • Who would take care of that crazy old fossil then?
    • For those of you who are surprised that a grumpy old fossil like me actually works on a computer, it is all t'Editor's fault.
    • Most of the other scholars were old fossils that seemed so fragile that the slightest breath of wind would keel them over.