Translation of fossil fuel in Spanish:

fossil fuel

combustible fósil, n.


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    combustible fósil masculine
    • Shale oil is a fossil fuel, extracted from shale rocks through heat.
    • We now use half of our fossil fuel to light, heat and cool buildings and we should do something about it.
    • Natural gas is a clean alternative to oil, although it's also a fossil fuel and has its own problems.
    • So burning coal or oil, which releases carbon from when the fossil fuel was formed, has a serious global warming effect.
    • An important alternative to fertiliser from fossil fuel is biosolids recovered from sewage.
    • It is a quagmire that eventually, under pressure for a million years or so, becomes a fossil fuel.
    • But when it comes to a situation where we are importing carrots from Holland, think of all the fossil fuel that this uses.
    • This fossil fuel could thus have been stored easily in 3,000 years at the present global growth rates.
    • Our economy depends so much on fossil fuel that a lack of oil without any alternative fuel sources would lead to total chaos.
    • Mr Rice said growing fuel crops to displace fossil fuel would reduce CO2 emissions without cuts in farm output.
    • The surge in crude prices has prompted oil companies to boost exploration activities to discover more of the fossil fuel.
    • Otherwise, the only fossil fuel they consume is the paraffin they put in their lamps.
    • The fossil fuel burned by a passing car becomes a Palaeolithic thought bubble in the present.
    • They die from our dependence on a fossil fuel - guzzling, outmoded means of transportation.
    • It is a subsidised fossil fuel, and the Maui gasfield, unsurprisingly, is running out.
    • The second most prominent and naturally most abundant fossil fuel is coal.
    • Where are the corporate insiders with brains enough to convert the resource of fossil fuel into new products?
    • Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, producing mostly just water vapor and carbon dioxide.
    • It is history, a fossil burning fossil fuel, yet it lives.
    • It is made from plant products, not fossil fuel, which means it is renewable.