Translation of fossilized in Spanish:


fosilizado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfɑsəˌlaɪzd//ˈfɒs(ə)lʌɪzd/


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    • Within some of the eggs, we found fossilized embryos, the first embryos of a sauropod ever uncovered.
    • The lower images show the fossilized bone of a Tyrannosaurus rex.
    • Their hypothesis can be tested by the discovery of fossilized stomach contents for Pakicetus.
    • Most of those that were fossilised go unrecognised by the untrained eye.
    • One solution is to examine larval shells directly from fossilized larval broods.
    • When organisms become fossilized, the original material of their body is usually completely replaced.
    • The 130-million-year-old spider silk was found in fossilized amber from Lebanon.
    • For example, the internal organs are especially well preserved in the fossilized Ottoia worms.
    • The varicolored bands running across the hills are fossilized soils.
    • For most people, the discovery of fossilised wood in a quarry would not be newsworthy.
    • Amber is the fossilised resin of ancient pine trees, submerged under the sea in thin veins.
    • Amber is a translucent, yellowish mineral made of fossilized resin.
    • In contrast, fossilized bone is believed to be completely mineralized, meaning no organics are present.
    • One could see fossilized bones in a coral reef formation.
    • Even more remarkable than the evidence of prehistoric man was the discovery of thousands of fossilised animal bones.
    • There is the added question of how the dinosaurs are to be fossilised in a desert.
    • Mammoth skulls are made of light and thin bone and usually disintegrate before they can be fossilised.
    • The teenagers take the frozen caveman to paleontologists who study the intact, fossilized remains.
    • Vertebrates were once the only major animal group not found fossilised in the Cambrian system of rocks.
    • The reef system is made up of fossilised dunes.
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    (attitude/views) anquilosado
    (views/attitude) fosilizado
    (procedures/customs) trasnochado
    (customs/procedures) desfasado
    (procedures/customs) fosilizado
    a fossilized form un sintagma fosilizado / fósil
    • Fossilized distrust indicates failure at this key democratic task of holding majorities and minorities together.
    • To retreat into a fossilized Irish past that no longer fits Irish reality is self-destructive.
    • Not all cases of fossilized division will erupt in civil war, but all will generate significant economic and psychological costs.
    • It's not because the local cable plant is fossilized or the company is impoverished.
    • The community of faithful, formerly a community of interests, becomes a fossilized thing.
    • Indigenous environmental knowledge should be a response to prevailing conditions in both town and country, not a set of fossilized ideas.
    • The ruling party itself was unable to offer anything but fossilized mantras.
    • It's like the fossilized idea of American manhood.
    • The temptation is to forsake fossilized print for the new opportunities of the dotcom world.