Translation of foster in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈfɑstər//ˈfɒstə//ˈfɔstər/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(look after)

      (child) acoger en el hogar sin adoptarlo legalmente British
      • Apart from their own seven children and step-children, he and his wife fostered a child from the age of four.
      • What is most noteworthy about them is that they are indistinguishable from those who fostered children in the context of informal circulation.
      • My parents foster kids all the time and they wouldn't have minded at all.
      • Caroline gained her understanding of what was required when looking after children when she helped with her younger siblings, and watching her parents who fostered babies and young children.
      • But if you only foster a child for part of the year - which you may, since your children take you on holiday and so forth - you get the pension credit back at the full rate for the time you don't work.
      • This may be getting more involved than they contemplated when they agreed to foster children for the local authority.
      • As someone who has successfully fostered a child who is now an adult, Pat Whelen said she would definitely recommend it.
      • So in my middle 30s I fostered many children and am in the process of finalizing the adoption of two of them.
      • Each year a group of local people who have been to Russia and now have fostered children run a dinner dance in Tubbercurry.
      • We grew up together while a close friend of my mother was fostering me.
      • Serena Allott talks to parents whose willingness to foster children ensures that the nest is never empty.
      • At the moment we have a particular need for people from ethnic backgrounds and those prepared to foster children over 10.
      • Porter reveals plan to foster children with special needs
      • Finally, we built an extension for the kids and we have also fostered children over the years.
      • I know someone who fostered a child for over ten years.
      • My parents fostered my mother's half-sister's daughter for a year.
      • A daughter whose parents fostered more than 20 children in Bradford is seeking help to track them down as a 60th birthday present for her father.
      • One of the raids was at the home of an elderly woman in a wheelchair and another was at the house of a pensioner who fostered children.
      • But the baby boy isn't Karen's son, he is one of the children she and her husband are fostering.

    • 1.2(place in care of foster parents)

      colocar con una familia de acogida
      • The child was fostered out and lived for years in Manchester.
      • Verina Weaver, executive councillor for social care, revealed how a number of people were caring for children fostered out by Essex.

  • 2

    • 2.1(promote)

      (suspicion/talent) fomentar
      (understanding/reconciliation) promover
      • Both support learners in articulating their knowledge and thus foster learning as a constructive process.
      • Educational efforts, on the other hand, trigger guilt, thereby fostering the retreat into further denial.
      • Appropriate use of such assessments fosters learning and development and positively affects commitment and retention.
      • These, he said, are the fundamentals of the interactive participative learning environment that can foster an innovative culture in Ireland.
      • From the perspective of immigrant writers it seems clear that Anglo-American culture fosters and encourages cheerfulness, positive thinking, and staying in control.
      • Rewards assisted in encouraging and fostering a positive learning environment.
      • A writing contest is one approach, but there are many other ways that a newsroom can foster a learning culture that is dedicated to excellence.
      • We believe that the Animal Enterprise Act must be updated to ensure that individuals and companies are protected and drug development is fostered.
      • We are becoming increasingly aware of this explosion of scholarship, and we want to do everything in our power to encourage and foster this development.
      • The group's attempts to be more than a talk shop have often only fostered more discord.
      • Online writing workshops, discussion sites and newsletters also foster a sense of writing community.
      • Fourth, the environment that a company builds should foster learning and the exchange of knowledge.
      • Now, there is an opportunity to foster understanding and dialogue.
      • Since laughter is often contagious, it also fosters a sense of connection to others.
      • Is this going to help change things and foster understanding?
      • A sense of reverence and humility foster the spirit most conducive to creation.
      • Academic freedom should be more highly valued and more actively fostered.
      • The temple can serve to foster spiritual growth and development.
      • Inflationary policies conducted for long periods of time not only foster the growth of government but also depress economic activity.
      • The sports will preferably offer participation in a team-based environment that encourages and fosters the development of esprit de corps.

    • 2.2(retain)

      (hatred) alimentar
      (respect) sentir
      (hope) abrigar
      • My beef is the lack of communication that often fosters false expectations in patients, who then blame the local doctors when things turn out worse than they hoped.
      • Since the students and other volunteers accomplish most of the work, a sense of community pride is fostered.
      • The advertisements kids see around the holidays can help foster unrealistic expectations and lead to disappointment.
      • Take a big does of Venus, goddess of beauty and love, and use her energy to foster a healthy self-esteem and noble sense of self-worth.


  • 1

    (child) adoptivo
    foster family familia de acogida feminine