Translation of foundation garment in Spanish:

foundation garment

prenda de corsetería, n.



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    prenda de corsetería feminine
    • It is not uncommon for the straps of foundation garments to slide off the shoulder of the wearer.
    • I was given tasks and chores to do, more than was humanly possible, and all to be performed while wearing constricting foundation garments, heels and a wig.
    • Today's foundation garments are designed to show.
    • The fabric, construction, and style indicate an average, utility foundation garment worn by a middling woman.
    • When ordering, be sure to match the appropriate foundation garment to the selected wardrobe.
    • She points out that today the enhancements and distortions of various body parts previously provided by foundation garments are now being replaced by the fashion of displaying a healthy body acquired through diet and exercise.
    • After measuring the hips, waists, and chests of our mostly elderly customers, I would go into the stock room to find the proper ‘foundation garment.’
    • Now the Japanese have perfected the formula that will keep foundation garments in tip-top condition.
    • Spandex is used in foundation garments and hosiery.
    • I always found bike shorts, foundation garments, and the like a bit too heavy for me.
    • I witnessed a woman take a bundle of foundation garments to the exchange counter at Marks and request a refund.
    • One of most curious abandoned items was a corselette, a woman's foundation garment, not easily removed.
    • Always wash a foundation garment in a large bowl to avoid bending the garment more than is necessary.
    • You can slim those hips by slipping into a ‘foundation garment’ along with some silky underwear.
    • But change was coming and the third use of the foundation garment was about to be challenged.
    • In order for your gown to look its best, your foundation garments must fit perfectly.
    • Have the bride wear the same foundation garments and shoes she'll wear on her wedding day during the muslin bodice fitting.
    • Pulling a look together meant the proper foundation garment that would keep everything in place.
    • To me the word ‘Shapers’ suggests transformation or sculpting, like control-top pantyhose, corsets or mumsy foundation garments.
    • There are also foundation garments there (or good old fashioned support hose, available at your local drugstore) that slim and smooth the hip area.