Translation of foundation stone in Spanish:

foundation stone

piedra fundamental, n.


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    piedra fundamental feminine
    • Construction of the tower began on 11 December 1912, with the laying of a foundation stone, in a ceremony held on the completed foundations and steps.
    • It was very nice of Chief Minister Sushilkumar Shinde to have laid the foundation stone of the building and give his sanction to the project.
    • Although some of the terms used to describe the foundation stones are archaic, others are simply uncommon.
    • The glass jar was found by demolition workers underneath the foundation stone of a building at East Ardsley Primary School, in West Yorkshire.
    • It was July 21, 1962 when the Governor of Western Australia, Sir Charles Gairdner, attended a ceremony to lay the foundation stone.
    • Mr Blair laid the foundation stone more than two years ago when building work started and returned yesterday to see the completed stadium in east Manchester.
    • Prince Philip unveiled the building's foundation stone in 1999, and the Queen chose the museum as the first stop on her Golden Jubilee tour last year, gaining it widespread publicity.
    • The foundation stone for the Central Block was laid in 1922 and Wits University opened the following year.
    • He lunched with young pupils in their canteen, then spent an afternoon dropping in on lessons and chatting informally before laying the foundation stone for a new building.
    • Yesterday I had the honour to attend the ceremony for the laying of the foundation stone for the Paknam Tower.
    • The foundation stone of the new building was laid by the Union Tourism and Culture Minister, Jagmohan, on Monday.
    • There was a delay to the commencement but on April 19, 1871, the foundation stone was laid by Bishop Moriarty and the building was completed in October 1872.
    • Work has already begun on the ‘Yorkshire School’ in Batticaloa with the foundation stone laid in a ceremony in November.
    • In October 2002, Mr Callely laid the foundation stone of the building, which received €25 million in Department of Health funding.
    • The first foundation stone was laid in October 1953 in a ceremony that was attended by representatives of a variety of bodies including Mr Clark from the Ministry of Education.
    • Now an extension is being added to the building and the foundation stone will be laid by North Wiltshire MP James Gray on Friday, April 4.
    • A feature of the celebrations will be the laying of the foundation stone of a new hospital.
    • September 1 saw the laying of the foundation stone for the new building at Banglamung Children and Family Shelter.
    • He allowed the Hindus to prepare for the construction of a new temple with the ceremonial laying of a foundation stone on November 9, 1989.
    • On 9 December 2002 on the occasion of Stefan Ryser's 40th birthday, the foundation stone was laid for the building of a kindergarten in Wanginsah.