Translation of four in Spanish:


cuatro, n.

Pronunciation /fɔː//fɔr/


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    cuatro masculine
    six from ten leaves four diez menos seis es igual a cuatro
    • three fours are twelve tres por cuatro (son) doce
    • to count in fours contar de cuatro en cuatro
    • a five followed by two fours un cinco seguido de dos cuatros
    • on page four en la página cuatro
    • he's nearly four tiene casi cuatro años
    • at the age of four a los cuatro años (de edad)
    • it's nearly four son casi las cuatro
    • they are sold in fours los venden de a cuatro en cuatro
    • the four of us/them nosotros/ellos cuatro
    • there were four of us/them éramos/eran cuatro
    • divide it into four divídelo en cuatro
    • Something like that happened when I read that no persons under four years of age are allowed to take part.
    • Chris Newman began to play the guitar at the age of four and at fourteen gave his first paid concert in a folk club.
    • We are four brothers in my family, but my father had an argument with my oldest brother and threw him out.
    • A total of fifteen salmon were caught by anglers ranging in age from four years to sixteen years.
    • At the age of four and five, he would often race against good horses getting a stone or more of an advantage and more often that not he beat them.
    • He was the registrar of Dhaka University and I had two brothers and four sisters.
    • Frankly it's the only product out of the four we floated last week that you think has much merit.
    • He arrived in Britain from Nigeria in 1965 at the age of four when his parents came to study and build a new life here.
    • A little bit of history was made last Sunday when no fewer than four Lydon brothers were on the team.
    • She was introduced to the sport at the age of four by her parents Peter and Mary, who were members at Bothwell Castle.
    • The eldest of a family of eight, Karim has three brothers and four sisters, none of whom she had seen in that time.
    • Padraig is as fast as they come and from the age of four has been consistently winning all over Ireland.
    • Manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline does not recommend giving the drug to children under the age of four.
    • Sign-up in Shenanigans in Pairs please, and try to join with another pair to make a four.
    • Symone said she was quite gifted at the age of four, but she had a cornea transplant and wore glasses.
    • And now they know their opponents in the last four after City finished top of the other northern group.
    • Born in Wurzburg, Germany, Stefan has studied the piano from the early age of four.
    • He was the youngest of four sisters and a brother, all of whom had left home by the time he was nine.
    • The four brothers and their wives are all well known for their deep love and care for the father.
    • On one road I met four brothers who were returning from carrying a woman to her relatives in a nearby village.
    • At half past four she was relieved by a twelve year old Alty Grammar lad.
    • The sum of money is the equivalent of four or five month's wages for a fisherman in the area.
    • Eighteen teams started the tournament and Hacketstown were good enough to be in the last four.
    • To supplement this income, Strakan is looking to buy three or four marketable products this year.
    • It was the insurance score his team needed and the final whistle confirmed their place in the last four.
    • When he is told that he was adopted at the age of four, he realises that his spirit will not be at ease until he knows more about his parents.
    • My twin brothers are four years younger than I and have known for several years that I am a Christian.
    • He said she had drunk the equivalent of four pints at the time of her death.
    • At the age of four he was diagnosed as suffering from ‘severe and profound autism’.
    • In a sense, the four pieces are equivalent; the rotations simply interchange them.
    • Here are four products that we plan to use to put money aside for our children in the years to come.
    • The spirit of Andrew was epitomised in a story about him at the age of four.
    • All children from the surrounding areas are welcome, from ages one to four years.
    • He is survived by his brother Paddy and four sisters in England, to whom we offer our sympathies.
    • At the start of this one, with Sutton banned, he started the first four.
    • They now have twelve points from their seven games, the same as Curry who also go through to the last four.
    • That's equivalent to four pence on income tax - wait till you see the peace dividend from ending this war.
    • In an interview, Zhao said it took him a fortnight to produce the four portraits.
    • Getting him to sit down at story time proved impossible but by the age of four he was reading newspapers.
    • Sally Beamish was born in London and could read and write music by the age of four.
    • If the match had kicked off at ten to four rather than three o'clock, we might have had a game on our hands at Ram Stadium.
    • At the age of four, he went to a one-room nursery class attached to a private girls' school across the road from home.
    • The money, if given, would fund the building of a new classroom, catering for children aged from three to four.
    • Counting by fours is like counting by two except that every other count is skipped.
    • All her four brothers have left for the United States and are unlikely to return.
    • Portlaoise face a very difficult task if they are to advance to the final four in this year's Town Cup.
    • Children in the age group of four to 13 years could try their hands at drawing and painting.
    • She added he had been fascinated by mathematics from the age of four.
    • The league finishes off next week with a home game against New Ross and a win will see Clane finish in the top four.
    • The interviewer then had to fill in a box giving the names of products one to four as given by the interviewee.
    • Born in Springfield, Ohio he grew up in a close-knit family with four brothers and sisters.
    • Can you tell that despite it being ten past four I haven't quite got round to eating breakfast yet?


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    (invariable adjective) cuatro
    it comes to four dollars exactly son cuatro dólares justos
    • one tablet four times a day una pastilla cuatro veces al día