Translation of four-square in Spanish:


cuadrado, adj.

Pronunciation ///ˌfɔrˈskwɛr/


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    (building/structure) cuadrado
    • It is just too blocky, too bulky, a very four-square building.
    • Nothing remains of these early structures and the present massive, four-square castle-palace dates back to the reign of Charles V.
    • Low, massive, four-square steel sculptures are arranged in a grid.
    • Bohlin used a basic four-square layout, positioning rooms symmetrically around the cast concrete monolith.
  • 2

    (position/approach/decision) firme
    (decision/position/approach) inequívoco
    • Like its predecessor, Stingray was built around some very simple elements - a four-square hero, a fantastic craft which lends its name to the show and a mix of fast-paced action and innocent humour.
  • 3

    (person/account) franco
    (person/account) sincero


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