Translation of fourthly in Spanish:


en cuarto lugar, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈfɔːθli//ˈfɔrθli/


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    en cuarto lugar
    • Four issues are therefore addressed: firstly, the power of knowing who you are; secondly, discovering what matters most to you; thirdly, doing something about what matters most and fourthly, a broader view on what matters most.
    • If I was hearing the case, and able to establish that firstly, the man was hungry; secondly, that he was a first offender; thirdly, that the food was retrieved; and fourthly, that he was unemployed; I would have given him a warning.
    • And fourthly, medicine, in all due respect, is like going back to the horse and buggy days when it comes to the use of information technology.
    • And, fourthly, we have the involvement of the Norwegian facilitators, and that has made a considerable difference.
    • And, fourthly, those who did not meet the criteria for an appointment are monitored by their doctor and should their conditions change are referred back to their specialists.
    • And fourthly, it doesn't build women's capacity to deal with potential exploitation to pre-departure trainings and seminars and the like.
    • And fourthly, are the directors trying to do too much?
    • Therefore, fourthly, is it sufficient for this court to say that it is as convinced as it can be that these two people were honest?
    • And, fourthly, it is clear that the social and economic demands being made upon people are higher both personally and generally than before.
    • First of all, pest control; secondly, its traditional role within rural areas; thirdly, it was claimed to be a provider of local employment and, fourthly, it was seen to have a social or recreational function within these areas.
    • And fourthly I look forward to going through the rest of the site.
    • Firstly, the coach and employee agree what the goals of coaching are; secondly, they analyse the present position/reality; thirdly they explore the available options; fourthly they identify and commit to a course of action.
    • And, fourthly, a reliable record of atrocities is established, so that future generations may be made fully aware of the events, and remember the victims.
    • Or fourthly, and probably the best option in your case, is to go back to America, where life will be simpler for you.
    • And, fourthly, that, in any event, such act or conduct as was committed by the Defendant was committed by her without any reasonable excuse.
    • And fourthly, the moral ramifications of taking a persons' life as a form of punishment are extremely complex.
    • Secondly, to stop paramilitary activities, thirdly significant disarmament, and fourthly, a public statement that conflict is over.
    • And then fourthly, we need greater awareness on the part of the parents.