Translation of foxhole in Spanish:


zorrera, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɑksˌhoʊl//ˈfɒkshəʊl/


  • 1

    zorrera feminine
    raposera feminine
    madriguera feminine
  • 2

    hoyo para atrincherarse masculine
    • It was a war of foxholes, dugouts, and cold frontline patrols.
    • With his group completely surrounded and cut off, he moved from foxhole to foxhole exposing himself to enemy fire, giving instructions and offering encouragement to his men.
    • I only came out of it when an outstanding NCO made me move from my foxhole to another one.
    • They should be, therefore, installed as soon as foxholes are dug and expanded into trenches or commander's observation posts are erected.
    • During the day, they dug foxholes, strung wire, and filled sandbags, because site defense is never complete.
    • I haven't had a firsthand experience of being under fire in a foxhole, but many of us have had some experience of reaching our limits and knowing that we are not the answer to all of our problems and challenges.
    • We are not fighting an enemy at 300 meters from a foxhole; we are standing at checkpoints, walking through urban areas, and clearing rooms.
    • This can greatly increase the range and lethality of the weapon system by denying enemy troops the protection of foxholes and bunkers unless they have substantial overhead cover.
    • They sleep in the same barracks, eat in the same dining facilities, and fight from the same foxholes and tanks.
    • Later, soldiers man their foxholes and listen as more artillery is heard hitting a town they may soon pass through.
    • Ernie Pyle, a reporter who eschewed the safety of command posts and made a niche for himself in the foxholes of the frontline troops during World War II, died 59 years ago on his way to another battle.
    • He learned about digging trenches and foxholes, using a bayonet, how to properly jump from an airplane and what to do if he happened to land in a tree.
    • The days of sitting in a prepared foxhole on a range and shooting targets at known distances is over.
    • As those consulted explained, in the confusion of battle there is not time to work out who is the most senior of the five soldiers or officers crouched in a foxhole.
    • Regular drill and exercises, along with advice from actual war veterans' help them to maintain a high standard of authenticity in all aspects from parade-ground drill to digging foxholes and fighting patrols.
    • The unit was practicing infantry skills, making foxholes, establishing perimeter defenses, conducting roving patrols and using night vision devices to detect enemy activity at night.
    • Signal operations include managing and controlling information networks from the sustaining base to the foxhole.
    • They dug foxholes, built small huts, and settled in for five months.