Translation of foxy in Spanish:


zorruno, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfɑksi//ˈfɒksi/

adjectivefoxiest, foxier

  • 1

    (like fox)
    (smell) zorruno
    (color) marrón rojizo
    • Her skin was pale and unblemished like mine, and she had a nose like mine too - all foxy and pointy.
  • 2

    (person/play) astuto
    • Point to young rockers: they are not living in a mansion with a limo in the bedroom with gold-plated champagne spigots in the backseat Jacuzzi; nor do they have a stable of foxy groupies waiting in the van.
    • The sweetest moments for a fighter are when time has given him the rounds to make him foxy and clever, but has not yet robbed him of the wherewithal to put it into to action.
    • For example, the next time your loved one catches you eyeing a foxy babe, patiently explain that you're entitled to stare because in another dimension you and that person got married and had 12 kids.
    • They had a female singer who also played the occasional keyboard line on a synth, a very foxy left-handed bass player (she was lovely!) and the guitarist chappy who I'd previously seen playing with another band.
    • Oh yeah, and the instructor was pretty damn foxy too.
    • Don't they just make you want to hop into a Porsche convertible, drive down to the beach, and enjoy a midnight stroll with a foxy lady?
    • Well, the other morning I pulled into the parking lot at the Sovereign Centre (a local shopping centre), and as I was looking for a spot to park, I saw this foxy looking lady walking to her car.
    • Will you please go tell Mara and that foxy chick you're with to come down for dinner?
    • ‘I love the look - very foxy,’ said one young woman who could be described as rather foxy herself.
    • Bringing more good news from Sweden, these foxy female 20-somethings have been playing since pre-pubescence, and this well-timed stateside debut hits girlie bands and Strokes mimers where it hurts.
    • Tall, mature, single, blue-blooded aristocrat, seeks tall, mature foxy lady who loves dressing in furs.
    • By night, he toils on his self-indulgent solo art film, obsessively documenting the minutiae of his life while the bigger picture-the growing distance between him and his foxy French lady friend Marlene-eludes him.
    • However, there were a lot of very foxy male and female dancers, so it was a good enough experience.
    • Like many photographers, he goes after kids, babies, foxy ladies, handsome men.
    • The foxy temptress and swooning beauty of popular imagination was a violent pragmatist for whom death held no chill.
    • He's insanely jealous of any man - the milkman, the dentist, even the teenage piano student he tutors - who encounters his foxy wife Zelda.
    • Dressed in a foxy pink velvet cocktail dress, she looks and sounds overjoyed, obviously loving the enthusiastic homecoming atmosphere.
  • 3US informal

    (invariable adjective) sexy