Translation of foyer in Spanish:


foyer, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɔɪeɪ//ˈfɔɪər//ˈfɔɪˌeɪ/


  • 1

    (of theatre) foyer masculine
    (of theatre) vestíbulo masculine
    (of hotel) vestíbulo masculine
    • He added that the change would also allow better use to be made of the foyer area.
    • As part of the revamp, the unique auditorium will remain, with only technical improvements, but there are plans for two new studios, a workshop, expanded offices, dressing rooms and public foyers, and terrace spaces.
    • In fact, he spends his days driving around, loitering in the foyers of office buildings, and often sleeping in his car at night.
    • Not too many people were in the hotel foyer, so they didn't cause too much of a scene.
    • He spotted the professor in the foyer of the building, about to head to his office.
    • I realise that I have ‘foyer friends’ - people I regularly meet in theatre foyers and see nowhere else.
    • For the theatre audiences, the foyers become vivacious and intimate with the harbour, and for the promenading public the colonnade will provide a shaded respite from Sydney's remorseless western sun.
    • He stalks the bars and foyers of five-star hotels, disconnected from family and country, isolated and seemingly impenetrable.
    • It's three o'clock in the afternoon and I've been waiting an hour for her in the foyer of a London hotel.
    • It acted as a foyer, a reception area, and an arts space, although we hardly ever displayed any art there.
    • It was described as an open concept building with a grand foyer and vaulted ceilings.
    • In addition to new floor finishes and lighting, it features a floating white wall that clads the boundary interfacing the public foyers and the theatres.
    • Jessica stopped in her tracks when she saw her family waiting in the hotel foyer for her.
    • A feature of the theatre is that all the foyer areas and the auditorium are accessible to wheelchairs.
    • However, the only available land was the space used for coach parking to the south and adjacent to the theatre's entrance and foyers.
    • I bought my ticket at the desk in the public foyer - a wonderfully light and airy reception area.
    • More than 100 firefighters fought to control the blaze and, although they saved the entrance hall and foyers of the cinema, the auditorium and stage area were totally destroyed.
    • We had to create a bouquet for the leading lady and a display for the theatre foyer and another using a huge piece of driftwood.
    • Facilities will include a foyer area, catering, toilets, box office, reception and first aid.
    • I was worrying about this in the foyer of a hotel in Paris while waiting for Justin to show up.