Translation of fragile in Spanish:


frágil, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfradʒʌɪl//ˈfrædʒəl//ˈfræˌdʒaɪl/


  • 1

    (easily broken)
    (glass/object/china) frágil
    [ S ]fragile, handle with care cuidado, frágil
    • Some farmers were busy pumping water from fields in a bid to save fragile crops from fungal and root damage.
    • So, at ten o'clock, after a slight and fragile encore by the band, we were all promptly told to get out.
    • Shaver blades are fragile and easily can shatter or break inside the cavity in which they are used.
    • The damage plastic had done to the fragile hill environment was also highlighted.
    • He said that regular cleaning had been carried out, but that it had a down side in that damage could be caused to fragile books and bindings.
    • It's best to watch them from the openings rather than swimming in, because you could damage the fragile coral roofs and frighten them off.
    • I suspect that the joystick will prove to be fragile and unreliable, but I don't have any data to support that.
    • Those toys, made of plastic, wood or cloth, were very expensive but fragile, and easily broken.
    • These rolls were rather fragile and easily torn, so they tended to become damaged if much used.
    • Introduced reindeer and muskoxen have thrived to such a degree that heavy grazing now threatens to damage the fragile vegetation.
    • How has awareness of the damage irrigation can cause these fragile environments affected the Lake?
    • It had not occurred to them that a side-effect of their research might be damaging to the fragile ecology of the country they were studying.
    • Tourists also damage the fragile ecosystem by dumping plastic waste and driving over the grasslands.
    • Stone walls with fragile mortars can be damaged by high pressure sprays and the chemicals used.
  • 2

    (easily destroyed)
    (agreement/link/relationship) precario
    (relationship/agreement/link) frágil
    • The ideal of tolerance and sympathy, therefore, could be extremely tenuous and fragile.
    • If too many emerge, it could have a devastating impact on global equity markets and destroy the current fragile confidence.
    • Trust is a fragile commodity, easily lost and hard to regain.
    • Meanwhile other developments threatened to upset the fragile strategic nuclear balance.
    • Unfortunately, Peter is also quickly losing his already fragile grip on reality.
    • Markets remain fragile and are easily upset by international tensions.
    • The measures came as sectarian attacks threaten to derail a fragile peace deal.
    • Consider the possibility, however, and you realise how fragile the Government's grip on the situation is.
    • Separatist conflicts are threatening to destroy the country's fragile democracy.
    • It will destroy the fragile institutions of international law built up over the last few decades.
    • Defeat would leave them pointless and inflict further damage on their already fragile self-confidence.
    • The situation worsens, and threatens the fragile peace and stability of an entire region.
    • 1577 to 1584 was an era of tenuous and fragile peace which could have been broken at any time.
    • This has done serious damage to the fragile alliance that still supports free trade.
    • Countless daily suicide bombings are threatening to tear the fragile nature of the community apart completely.
    • As soon as we attempt to do so we will start to discover just how fragile our unity is.
    • Its democratic institutions have always been weak and fragile.
    • Heaven forbid we damage someone's fragile ego by telling them the truth about their capabilities or who they are!
    • However, as the stormy debates at the conference demonstrated, this fragile unity has not been easily won.
    • Even in normal circumstances, identity is a fragile, nebulous thing.
  • 3

    (person) débil
    (health) delicado
    (health) precario
    • He was fragile and brilliant, and those things came to bear in the decisions he made and what happened to his government.
    • This painful condition renders bones so fragile that even a slight knock or fall can break them.
    • He and his wife are fragile, physically unprepossessing and teary-eyed from the outset.
    • It was a slightly distasteful thing to watch, this video diary of a fragile man in need of help.
    • Dad is in a home in Belfast, as he is very fragile, but still cheerful and asking when the dancing starts.
    • The last time was the night after the firework and I was too fragile to stand in that pub with fireworks going off all over London.
    • The smallest of them all, a fragile child in a deep sandal-beige coloured frock, stood in the middle.
    • The true owner of the institution is his fragile wife, Christina, who is also a cardiac patient.
    • The brains of premature babies are fed by a rich network of tiny blood vessels which are thin, fragile and easily damaged.
    • The parents may complain that they are too fragile to deal with a child who is so burdensome.
    • Carting him around my district must have damaged his already fragile body somehow!
    • At least that way she could go and buy some powdered milk for her stick-thin fragile children.
    • I wouldn't say he was ill at the time we saw him, but he certainly was fragile and weak.
    • His boss had given him a few days off from work to watch over his ailing daughter and fragile wife.
    • In this case the most frail and fragile patients, newborns, are the ones who are being affected.
    • The artificial ventilation of the lungs can damage the fragile lungs of these severely premature babies.
    • Let's work together and show that scumbag that you are not weak and fragile.
    • Although still weak and fragile, it was decided she should return to her home environment.
    • We are a peaceful people - yet we're not a fragile people, and we will not be intimidated by thugs and killers.
    • We are fragile and vulnerable, and shall remain so for as long as we are creatures.