Translation of fragility in Spanish:


fragilidad, n.

Pronunciation /frəˈdʒɪlɪti//frəˈdʒɪlədi/


  • 1

    (of object, material)
    fragilidad feminine
    • But you won't find them in any supermarkets because of their fragility, so you'll have to grow your own.
    • The objects on view will be changed every few months owing to their fragility.
    • Salcedo was interested in the precarious nature of the materials, the fragility of the hair.
    • Osteoporosis is a disease marked by excessive skeletal fragility resulting in weakened bones that are susceptible to fracture.
    • Seen close up they took on all the fragility of a porcelain figurine.
    • Nestled within this second basket was another basket - a dainty, bowl-like slip of a thing, charming in its seeming fragility.
    • The fragility of his body, so evident in infantry combat, encouraged him to protect himself with shield, helmet, and body armour.
    • First of all newspapers are rather flimsy by nature and thus quite perishable and this fragility tends to limit value.
    • Fracture is determined not only by the propensity to fall but also by the underlying fragility of the bone.
    • The museum was built in 1972, although the chief's home and store remained closed because of their fragility.
    • In addition, there was a highly significant improvement in erythrocyte fragility, a marker of oxidative damage.
    • It is our hope that all who read these pages will pledge not to disturb the majesty and fragility of these champion trees.
  • 2

    (of happiness, link)
    fragilidad feminine
    precariedad feminine
    • Politics, feminism, jealousy, and fragility of love are only a few issues tackled within this multi-layered film.
    • He is a member of the European Central Bank reporting group on financial fragility.
    • Aside from power politics, a theme of all three authors is the extreme fragility of American economic power.
    • It becomes not just a play about male insecurity but about the fragility of the bourgeois concept of ownership.
    • The tragedy brought home to us once again the fragility of human endeavor.
    • In time such increased financial fragility leads to outbreaks of financial instability despite prior stabilizing policies.
    • The paper itself is a lightweight Japanese sheet, adding to the atmosphere of fragility.
    • It may be painful but is always crucial to separate the fragility of the ego and the effectiveness of the writing.
    • In buying their children accommodations to assuage their own anxiety, parents are actually locking their kids into fragility.
    • Perhaps the most serious weakness in the Chinese economy is the fragility of its banking sector.
    • He knew the fragility of the Roman Empire that he had rebuilt.
    • There is certain fragility about the current economic climate.
    • You may project a fragility that makes others afraid they will break you by offering honest criticism.
    • Childless, her condition provided my earliest impression of the fragility of life.
    • The fragility of our assumptions, the quickness of the turnarounds, the certain end of it all, is what gets him going.
    • The fragility of the neo-colonial state becomes glaring and it cannot be counted on as an instrument of control and reform.
    • She is blessed with an exotic natural beauty and a porcelain fragility which cleverly disguises her great pliancy and strong technique.
    • There is no fragility or tenuousness to his character.
    • He was obsessed with the idea of the fragility of our world.
    • His hopefulness is connected to his understanding of the uniqueness and fragility of Grand Isle.
  • 3

    (of person) debilidad feminine
    (of health) precariedad feminine
    (of health) lo delicado