Translation of fragmentary in Spanish:


fragmentario, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfraɡm(ə)nt(ə)ri//ˈfræɡmənˌtɛri/


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    • And what utterly fascinated us was the incompleteness, the fragmentary quality of his writing.
    • Excavations yielded the remains of at least six adults in the chambers, together with fragmentary remains of children.
    • For folklorists generally, folk beliefs and practices were regarded as the fragmentary and often obscure remnants of older systems.
    • Inherited verbal or other social responses are fragmentary and trivial.
    • Having some experience of metal working, he recognised the fragmentary remains as crucibles and clay casting moulds.
    • The only problem then is the fragmentary nature of the production.
    • The footage was fragmentary and shot in grainy black and white.
    • The unevenness of the research permits the continued use of a fragmentary and inconsistent labelling system.
    • The remains are very fragmentary, since it served as a quarry for building materials for many centuries.
    • The sculptures are fragmentary and are often missing vital body parts.
    • In the recording studios their emphasis on fragmentary noises and localised sound added a whole new dimension to music.
    • Not much, perhaps, beyond the fragmentary evidence of case studies and field reports.
    • You never have the complete plot line in the way that you would like, so the information is always fragmentary.
    • The music, too, in this act is often fragmentary and lacking in direction.
    • The medical information conveyed in these ads is fragmentary and sometimes misleading.
    • Nothing really major but the whole picture was, in its fragmentary way, more detailed than I'd realised.
    • So what we know about the Revolutionary War is very fragmentary and distorted.
    • Originally known from fragmentary remains, a complete and intact skull was found on an expedition in 1988.
    • The fragmentary nature of the rest of the skeletons recovered made gender identification impossible.
    • The subtlety of the fragmentary relics of ancient hominid fossil evidence was astonishing.