Translation of fragmentation in Spanish:


fragmentación, n.

Pronunciation /fraɡmɛnˈteɪʃ(ə)n//ˌfræɡmənˈteɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (of substance)
    fragmentación feminine
    before noun fragmentation bomb bomba de fragmentación feminine
    • fragmentation grenade granada de fragmentación
    • The future is already potentially present in the shape of the blind spots and contradictions of the present - in its silences and exclusions, its conflicts and fragmentations.
    • To my mind it is certainly correct that the government-imposed fragmentations are the cause of our current problems.
    • The fragmentation among progressive groups has, in turn, fragmented our message.
    • The most significant threats include habitat loss, fragmentation, and degradation.
    • In 1991 the process of fragmentation there was more rapid and more complete than in the south.
    • Two important trends within the process of religious fragmentation in Mexico have to be emphasized.
    • Policymakers are increasingly worried about social fragmentation within local communities.
    • English and German are built on fragmentations of many dialects.
    • Fragmentation of government implies fragmentation of policy processes.
    • These collisions result in subsequent fragmentation and product ions that are a direct consequence of dissociation of the precursor ion.
    • Despite these fragmentations, the songs are consistent and consistently listenable.
    • In cubism, geometrical forms and fragmentations are favored.
    • Poetry forged a common identity, overcoming this fragmentation to provide the basis for a homogeneous memory.
    • The process of fragmentation and diversification has continued and, indeed, intensified.
    • What is certain is that the ostrich-like behaviour of Europe's policy elite hastens the fragmentation process.
    • Recent population numbers have declined most often due to habitat fragmentation and loss.
    • Many of these problems seem to stem from fragmentation of electoral law and processes.
    • The policy process indicated that fragmentation of the labour market was well advanced.
    • While some of these conflicts and fragmentations were of an ideological and administrative nature, most of them were really the result of personal animosity among the clergy.
    • In these artists' hands, images of those individuals who walk the city on a daily basis are processed through filters and fragmentations into unrecognizable subjects.
  • 2

    (of group)
    fragmentación feminine