Translation of fragrant in Spanish:


fragante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfreɪɡrənt//ˈfreɪɡr(ə)nt/


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    • The air was pungent with the rich smell of the earth, and the fragrant scent of flowers.
    • It's the perfect day for it - brilliantly sunny and fragrant with the forest smells of pine and damp earth.
    • He wished he could smell her fragrant perfume right there and then.
    • With soap still to be invented, the fragrant oils and waters were used in bathing and for perfuming hair.
    • At the store's coffee shop another group relaxed over fragrant cappuccinos and pastry.
    • We dined alfresco, overlooking the fragrant, colourful gardens full of tropical blooms.
    • Add the garlic and sage and cook for a minute or two, until fragrant.
    • These make ideal portable plants providing a fragrant perfume and vivid colour in early to mid-summer next year.
    • Already, at the end of the new branches, there were signs of fragrant blooms to come.
    • The jasmine on my balcony is so fragrant that I can smell it as soon as I open the door in the morning.
    • It's unrewarding, too, since the leaves aren't fragrant until they are stirred in a pan.
    • While the colours were as vibrant as ever, the fragrant varieties were a particular delight.
    • Some say the smell of teak is somewhat strange but it smells very natural and fragrant to most.
    • It's the fragrant aroma of tansy, a plant that as far back as medieval times was used for flavouring and as a natural remedy.
    • As the following fragrant plants are winter-flowering, it's nice to have them close to the house.
    • The myriad of colours and the sweet, fragrant scent of the blooms overwhelmed the senses to the point of excess.
    • Most brambles grow in full sun; the fragrant thimbleberry grows at the edges of moist, shady woodlands.
    • Other fragrant scents to human senses are most often those produced by flowers visited by pollinators.
    • Around every corner was a bed just exploding with roses, and each one more magnificent and fragrant than the last.
    • As you walk by a fruit stand in the market the sweet, fragrant smell also indicates that the melons are ready to eat.