Translation of franchise in Spanish:


franquicia, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈfran(t)ʃʌɪz//ˈfrænˌtʃaɪz/


  • 1

    • 1.1(right)

      (to operate retail outlet) franquicia feminine
      (to operate retail outlet) licencia feminine
      (to market product, service) concesión feminine
      (to operate cable TV) licencia feminine
      • They place a lot of importance on the relationship between head office and the individual franchise operators.
      • Make sure you fully grasp the cost of operating your choice franchise.
      • He owns the London Park Hotel and is the franchise holder for the Holiday Inn in the capital.
      • Clever marketing and solid brand management have allowed these two franchises to take ubiquitous foodstuffs, such as pizza and the sandwich and pizza, and make it their own product, their creation.
      • It has no cookie-cutter franchises in its four-block commercial district, and locals seem to shop here as often as visitors.
      • Some sell used cars and some invest in business ventures or open fast-food franchises.
      • These figures refer to cars that were imported by the official franchise holders.
      • However, the consultants believe awarding the franchise to a private company after a public competition is the most efficient way to proceed.
      • We are at an advanced stage of negotiations with a large number of individuals about possible franchises.
      • The company operates car-dealership franchises in Britain, Germany and America.
      • However, the three companies operate as franchises with two-year contracts from the city and are heavily subsidized by the state and the city.
      • He said the group was poised to hold talks with the new franchise holders in the coming weeks.
      • So whether you should buy into a franchise or start a business alone depends almost entirely on your personality and resources.
      • Kay said that in many cases it is easier to get finance for a franchise than for a new business.
      • Review your assets to determine whether you have the financial wherewithal to afford the costs of operating a franchise.
      • Does the doughnut business include franchises or company-owned outlets?
      • Consider each individual franchise based on its own merit and track record.
      • This intense and immersive training program teaches new owners everything they need to know in order to operate their franchises and provide superior customer service.
      • The workers are also demanding that they have job security even if the city does not renew the franchise to the private companies for which they work.
      • A franchise is a legal and commercial relationship between the owner of a trademark, service mark, trade name, or advertising symbol and an individual or group wishing to use that identification in a business.
      • The government also granted franchises to private persons.
      • He observed how ever that there were a number of problems associated with second hand cars which gave an advantage to the franchise holders.
      • You cannot blame the individual franchises for moving quickly.
      • Next month I'll expand why, as a matter of trust, we are granted a franchise.
      • The estate agency's nationwide branch franchise and growing financial services division would be attractive to the bank.
      • One franchise broker was attracted by the growth potential of franchises providing nonmedical care services for the elderly living at home.
      • He is now covering Colchester and the surrounding areas as the franchise holder for Ovenu, a national organisation with franchises across the country.
      • After conducting extensive research, she decided to pursue a franchise in the commercial cleaning industry.
      • The Government is keen to replace its current system of granting 10-year franchises to companies which operate routes with a system involving short-term extensions.
      • He said that four of the new outlets would be run as joint ventures while the remainder would operate as franchises.
      • Finally, they found individuals interested in purchasing franchises.
      • It also operates 18 new-car franchises, and 15 of those are part of its used-car superstores.
      • According to franchise industry analysts, every eight minutes a new franchise opens for business somewhere in the United States.
      • If you are a resident of one of these states or countries, we will not offer you a franchise unless and until we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your jurisdiction.
      • A consortium was granted the eight-year franchise last year with subsidies totalling £637 million over its full term.
      • Hull Trains, which runs daily services from Selby to London, is moving from strength to strength after being granted a franchise extension.
      • Manufacturers' warranties now stretch for longer periods than was the case five years ago, but with the built-in proviso that all servicing is carried out at a franchise dealer.
      • The issue is significant because all the private lines operate as franchises with two-year contracts with the city.
      • In the past, monopoly was formed when the government granted a franchise to certain companies so that they could invest in new products and provide essential services.
      • However, there are more than half a million franchises operating in the United States generating more than $1 trillion in retail sales.

    • 1.2(retail outlet)

      franquicia feminine
      tienda bajo licencia feminine

  • 2formal

    the franchise el sufragio

transitive verb

  • 1

    (retail outlet) conceder en franquicia
    (retail outlet) franquiciar
    (service/product) adjudicar la concesión de
    (service/product) dar la concesión de