Translation of frantic in Spanish:


desesperado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfræn(t)ɪk//ˈfrantɪk/


  • 1

    (very worried)
    they were frantic with worry estaban desesperados de la preocupación
    • There was a frantic tone to the stories, an underlying hysteria I felt as a child but could only name as an adult.
    • Two young children had gone over the edge of the pier in their buggy and their frantic mother had dived in to save them.
    • He seemed a man true to his faith and culture and frantic with worry about his children's future.
    • Now he is missing and his relatives back home are frantic with worry and helplessness.
    • The frantic wife of a doctor who has been missing for four days told how she kissed him goodbye before he left for work and disappeared.
    • Knowing that Olivia would be frantic with worry, Beth decided that now was such a time.
    • This time, however, he failed to return and his mother is frantic with worry about his safety.
    • She made frantic, wild attempts at my neck and face, trying to turn my head to the side.
    • I got to the building and the lady in the office got a bit frantic coz she couldn't find our assignments.
    • Their mother joined the frantic rescue effort but all three were swept away.
    • When it was nearly evening and she had not returned home, her mother grew frantic.
    • I like to imagine my mother a harried and frantic termagant, slightly crazed and in distinct need of sedation.
    • I have been speaking to his dad and he and his wife are just frantic with worry, they can't sleep or eat.
    • We are all fantastically relieved - especially his mum who has been frantic with worry.
    • I want to feel crazy and frantic and desperate and feel like you're the only thing that can satisfy me.
    • At the airport G, who is basically ten times more masculine than me, was almost frantic with nerves.
    • Evidence of that frantic plea brings tears to her eyes, but they dry quickly.
    • I was frantic by then but it took four and half hours to resolve, when I convinced them over the phone what had happened.
    • Many customers eagerly signed up because their pets had been made frantic with fear by the noise of fireworks.
  • 2

    (search/effort/struggle) desesperado
    • In the past decade we started a frantic search for clues that might lead to its cure.
    • The manager rightly said he felt sorry for the fans after this frantic, frenetic defeat.
    • From that position, he can't help but learn more about the frantic pace and pressure of the game.
    • It has to swing and look effortless but is often wild and frantic with loads of kicks, jumps, lifts, hops and spins.
    • I have the necessary space to operate within this frantic environment without anxiety.
    • She was quickly discovered after a frantic search, bleeding and shocked.
    • In the latter stages they attempted a frantic counter-attack but the ball play was feeble.
    • Life can be a frantic rush from cradle to grave, with little chance to slow down, stop, and take in the beauty of the world around us.
    • Lay out everything you'll need the night before to save frantic searches for baby clothes in the morning.
    • The game started at a frantic pace with both sides going in search of a vital opening goal.
    • He opened the door to his room again, now in a frantic search for anything he may need.
    • Most games are frantic, intense and have you pumped full of adrenalin.
    • It was then a frantic race to the finish as the excited onlookers cheered the teams over the line.
    • After a frantic search she spotted the toddler floating in the lake.
    • I woke up to hear my parents gently bickering with one another, and my mother's frantic hoovering.
    • It has emerged that frantic efforts were made to save him at the scene and later, in the ambulance and medical tent.
    • It started to become apparent that maybe the frantic search for vitamin cures was missing the point.
    • The men noticed the boy was missing and after a frantic search they discovered his body in the river.
    • Some rushed to the lounge in need of more coffee while a few were in frantic search of the editors.
    • This was a game desperate for a goal, but after a frantic 90 minutes the scoresheet still remained blank.
  • 3

    (frenzied, hectic)
    (activity) frenético
    to drive sb frantic poner frenético a algn