Translation of free association in Spanish:

free association

asociación libre, n.



  • 1

    asociación libre feminine
    • Freudian free association, in Jung's view, carried the dreamer away from the dream and served only to lead him back, time and again, to his childhood complexes, and this defeated the object of the exercise.
    • The exercise was a game and might be compared to free association of words.
    • As anyone who has honestly experimented with free association knows, the technique inevitably and rapidly brings to mind topics about which one is emotionally concerned.
    • Freud searched constantly for the underlying causes of mental disorders, and he developed techniques such as free association and the study of dreams to probe the unconscious.
    • In stream-of-consciousness novels, events are remembered not in chronological order but as free association brings them to mind.
    • However, the qualities that he valued in film as a medium, especially the free association of images that refer to nothing outside themselves, are clearly recognizable in most of his work as a writer.
    • This is achieved by the technique of free association, whereby one starts with a dream image and allows one's thoughts to associate to it in complete freedom.
    • Before I started drafting the piece, I sat down and wrote out about two pages of free association, just listing images that fit with two of the themes of the story.
    • In addition to that, this time I have more of an idea of what to expect in terms of the style in which the book is written, the whole stream of consciousness, free association thing.
    • Psychodynamic therapists developed techniques such as free association where patients are encouraged to say whatever comes into their minds, and the therapist interprets the associations.