Translation of free will in Spanish:

free will

libre albedrío, n.


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    Philosophy Religion
    libre albedrío masculine
    • Rather, in the first place, she observes that the fact of free will is available to introspection.
    • No one thinks that machines have free will, yet they may well be beyond the control of their makers.
    • Let's run through some arguments for free will, followed by the determinist's responses.
    • Rather he chose to give them complete free will so that they could choose to obey or not to obey.
    • The critics liked to quote the treatise as containing arguments for free will unrefuted even by their author.
    • Critics saw the novel as an impassioned plea for the necessity of human free will.
    • If reality is subjective to the observer, isn't that the ultimate confirmation of free will?
    • If there is any definition of what the soul gives you, it's free will; it's the freedom to choose.
    • If fewer genes meant more freedom, then we would have to say flies and amoeba have more free will than humans.
    • Compatibilist philosophies seek to reconcile free will and determinism in a modern time.
    • If you choose to engage in these activities it is by your own free will and at your own volition.
    • Although we are rational agents that make real choices, we don't have free will that's independent of causality.
    • But science will shrink the space in which free will can operate by slowly exposing the mechanism of decision making.
    • An even more fundamental belief that is required for a magician is the belief in individual free will.
    • If after reading these, you find yourself depressed about not having free will, please be in touch.
    • This insight was the basis for Descartes's defense of free will and of the mind's ability to control the body.
    • That free will, the freedom to choose whether or not to believe, is the basis of faith.
    • I also realised that my explanation may have suggested a lack of free will.
    • After all, isn't God said to be a being who has genuine free will and yet always chooses the good?
    • You always retain free will, and you may act on any given influence in a positive, negative or indifferent way.
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    of one's own free will por su (or mi etc.) propia voluntad