Translation of freehold in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈfriːhəʊld//ˈfriˌhoʊld/


  • 1British

    freehold property bien raíz masculine que se compra o vende en plena propiedad junto con el suelo sobre el que está edificado


  • 1British

    plena propiedad feminine
    the company bought the freehold la compañía adquirió la plena propiedad
    • In the meantime, a very vocal opposition from commercial farmers owning extensive freehold and leasehold estates has stymied efforts by the Ministry.
    • The individual claimants are freehold owners and occupiers of their homes in Church Village.
    • Terraces of freehold houses, by contrast, date back at least to the 18th century.
    • The simple granting of freehold or leasehold property does not lead to automatic economic development or viable commercial activity.
    • In 1987 the Pearsons decided to sell the whole of their freehold interest in the Hall and the stud farm.
    • On 14th February 1996, the freehold interest in the building was transferred to the claimant.
    • As an area of freehold tenure, established for decades, it was not subject to the same array of regulations as the municipal locations.
    • The freehold interest is available with full vacant possession.
    • A 250-year lease is a freehold sale in anyone's book; do these custodians of the citizens' property give a hoot?
    • From today, developers of new mixed-use properties can choose whether to offer freehold, leasehold or commonhold properties, and people who are leaseholders can now transfer to a commonhold system.
    • He is only interested in property that has freehold status.
    • The proposed sale did not go ahead and he did not investigate the extent of the freehold and leasehold titles further.
    • No question can arise as to the special characteristics of the particular freehold owner.
    • I said the customary rights should not lead to the granting of freehold title.
    • Mrs Norris was the registered freehold owner of the home.
    • The mortgagor may have a freehold or a leasehold estate in the land.
    • Commonhold will be a new kind of freehold ownership.
    • That customary land status can easily be turned into freehold title.
    • The valuation assumes a sound freehold title with full vacant possession.
    • Most importantly it would create complicated flying freehold arrangements which are notoriously difficult to manage from an estate management perspective, as discussed above.

    de un bien raíz y del suelo