Translation of freeloader in Spanish:


gorrón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfriˌloʊdər//ˈfriːləʊdə/



  • 1

    gorrón masculine
    gorrona feminine
    gorrero masculine Latin America
    gorrera feminine Latin America
    garronero masculine River Plate
    garronera feminine River Plate
    bolsero masculine Chile informal
    bolsera feminine Chile informal
    • Even though I've never committed a crime and don't have a criminal record, police have harassed me and physically harmed me - they seem to think all aboriginals are drunks or criminals or freeloaders.
    • You're much better off to be a freeloader - let other people have the kids who will be future taxpayers.
    • From images of the single welfare mother to the overemphasis on welfare fraud, people in poverty are painted as lazy freeloaders who prefer to live off public tax dollars than be financially independent.
    • Refugees are frequently termed freeloaders and spongers by resentful Irish, even by certain politicians.
    • They were consummate freeloaders, shamelessly begging food and hospitality.
    • They will attend as many cocktail parties, skiing holidays and hunt meetings as it takes to convince us they're not a bunch of privileged freeloaders.
    • I see Westminster and its enormous amount of freeloaders as being less and less relevant to me.
    • He noted that the absence of security around the salt pile probably led the freeloaders to just help themselves, but the loss has since motivated the company to put some security fencing around the dwindling salt pile.
    • If there are too many freeloaders that means thin soup and rice, and if nobody volunteers to cook, nobody eats.
    • They look like a bunch of freeloaders trying to take advantage of the whole situation.
    • But some people deserve bad reputations - liars, cheats, freeloaders and others who manipulate and abuse our trust.
    • In principle, she was concerned about the increasing lack of ‘interaction’ in the shop, not so much the fact that these Wi-Fi freeloaders were occupying space without buying a single cup of coffee.
    • It's as if someone's taken all the worst parts of every London venue, added in the usual freeloaders braying in your ear while the band are playing, and stuck them in an all-new, shiny place just to ruin any gig you fancy going to.
    • From my low vantage point I noticed the back bumper of a bus we were behind had inverted nails fixed to it, presumably to keep freeloaders from hitching a ride.
    • Hundreds of freeloaders have skipped the park's $5 gate price, opting simply to view the pyrotechnics from the embankment on the north side of the road.
    • Callous freeloaders have been using a skip in St Mary's Cemetery, Carlow to dump their domestic refuse.
    • Is a mother who receives a contribution towards a sterilisation unit for her baby's milk bottles a freeloader?