Translation of freesia in Spanish:


fresia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfriːzɪə//ˈfriʒə/


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    fresia feminine
    • The hints of rosemary, freesia, and Hawaiian wedding flower fill your mind with thoughts of a warm, sunny garden.
    • The bride wore a full length fitted gown of white silk trimmed with white fur and carried a bouquet of white roses and freesia.
    • The following year I had beautiful ‘mystery flowers’, which turned out to be freesia.
    • I stomp outside, closing my eyes and breathing in the fresh air, scented with freesia and wisteria and hyacinths.
    • Add this to the wild freesias bursting into bloom among the sandhills and I have confirmation that the circle of life is unending and that the seeds of hope burst into life when the time and conditions are right.
    • Other local favorites for fall planting include freesias, Anemone coronaria, and rununculus.
    • Make sure freesias are planted in well drained soil.
    • I was surprised to discover that a large colony of wild freesias had established itself along the dunes at the entrance of the beach, and I spent some time among them, smelling and photographing.
    • But all I can do is bring freesias, your favourites, and lay them down where your head would be, and whisper, ‘Sorry.’
    • A typical posy bouquet includes roses, double-headed white freesias, foliage, and subtly coloured South African nuts and berries.
    • Even the smallest bunch of freesias bought with carefully hoarded pocket money can provoke tears or pride and delight.
    • The ultimate natural, romantic fragrance blends fruits like guava, papaya, passion fruit, and citrus, with a flowery bouquet of jasmine, freesia and marigold.
    • The sugar content and dry weight of opening freesia florets was dramatically reduced when stems were reduced in length, indicating that the stem was a major source of carbohydrate.
    • She handed me my bouquet of calla lilies, freesias, and irises.
    • She carried a teardrop shower bouquet of ivory roses and carnations, with lilac freesias and trailing ivy.
    • There is a wide variety to choose from, among which are freesias, ixias, sparaxis, lachenalia and Dutch Iris.
    • Hidden in the back of the book under some grab-bag category like ‘exotics’ are freesia, sparaxis, watsonia, babiana, and the rest of the Cape bulbs (named after a former province of South Africa).
    • I live in coastal Connecticut and have grown freesias a couple of times.
    • I still love the fresh scent: a mix of notes of freesia, marigold and white lily.
    • Guernsey is world famous for its top quality freesias which are produced all year round to supply your favourite flowers when you want them.