Translation of freestanding in Spanish:


no empotrado, adj.

Pronunciation ///ˌfriˈstændɪŋ/


  • 1

    (cupboard/stove) no empotrado
    (clothes rack/towel rail) de pie
    • An award-winning Bradford manufacturer of luxury free-standing baths has scooped contracts worth £250,000 to supply some of the Middle East's leading hotels.
    • Each of the resort's 44 huge over-water villas is a free-standing structure connected by a walkway to a triangular central jetty that juts one hundred metres into the lagoon.
    • Wall painting can be broadly defined as any painting in which the support is the structure itself - whether a free-standing building, a subterranean tomb, or a rock-cut cave.
    • Either could be used to broadcast from a transmitter on top of Toronto's CN Tower, the world's tallest free-standing structure.
    • Furnishings, he says, come mostly from retail fixture sales; the free-standing countertops that cordon off his kitchen area, for example, once displayed clothing.
    • If you're pushing the boat out, the sprawling Penfolds Grange room has its own gym, a two-person shower, twin free-standing baths and its own mini-wine cellar.
    • The room reviewed, overlooking a quiet street, boasted matching art deco furniture, including a free-standing wardrobe and a handsome wooden bedstead.
    • This was a free-standing sculpture with an oversized, stylized human head supported by a small body.
    • In most home-brew cars, the charger is a separate box located under the hood, or could even be a free-standing unit that is separate from the car.
    • Here, 21 arches made of blocks of pale Apricena marble break free from the more usual confines of walls to form a series of dramatic free-standing supports.
    • The family bathroom has a free-standing cast iron bath with shower attachment as well as neutral wall and floor tiling with mosaic detail.
    • Inside the enclosures are thirty-six house foundations, some free-standing, others attached to the perimeter walls.
    • Michelangelo was happy to assist and designed an ambitious, free-standing structure around 34 feet wide and 50 feet high and including 40 life-sized marble statues.
    • In the middle of these cramped quarters, he had his main gorilla costume on a mannequin inside a tiny free-standing prison cell.
    • For example, to minimize heat losses, the apartment balconies are built as separate free-standing structures that just touch the house instead of being bolted directly onto the building.
    • Our bathroom, with a free-standing bathtub and separate power shower, was fantastic.
    • It is an exact replica of the fountain in Versailles, just twice as large, and with those measurements it is one of the largest free-standing fountains in the world.
    • In general, the stones used for building are those that have sufficient strength and rigidity to support free-standing structures, and are amenable to the technical and organizational resources of the culture wishing to use them.
    • I then chose one of the two free-standing feeders.
    • There are free-standing ones and another which is attached to an ancient barn.