Translation of freeway in Spanish:


autopista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfriˌweɪ//ˈfriːweɪ/



  • 1

    (sin peaje) autopista feminine
    • Paths or parks next to freeways or major thoroughfares are trouble.
    • Terwin said yesterday the cars would be used for rapid response to emergencies, high-speed pursuit and patrolling dual carriageways and freeways.
    • A local Aboriginal tribe is unhappy about the freeway project because the road will divide their village in two, Wu said.
    • Opponents drew this map of the proposed freeways knifing through Shaker Heights and Cleveland Heights
    • The Texas Department of Transportation developed several names for each of Houston's unique freeways.
    • Driving too slowly can be just as dangerous as speeding, especially when entering or exiting interstates or freeways.
    • Regardless the time of day, it's crucial to exercise away from major roads and freeways.
    • The factory district was beyond the main freeway through town and it was rush hour.
    • We were on the main freeway across town, held up in a sea of students and buses and cars driving home from school.
    • The special lanes and intersections will be created on existing road networks, excluding freeways.
    • This is nonsense - population growth causes congestion, and more freeways alleviates congestion.
    • The police will set up waiting signs on the ramps in a bid to direct cars to form lines for easier access to the freeways.
    • The implementation of a pedestrian project on the main roads and freeways is among the many objectives of the municipality to make the roads safe during the festive season.
    • It was starting to get light outside and she knew they would be getting off the freeway and onto the road that goes over the river soon.
    • We pulled off the freeway at Warragul Road and stopped at the lights.
    • She was studying the roads and freeways that criss-crossed in front of her.
    • East Hartford opposed the highway, contending that it already had more than its share of freeways slicing across town.
    • The metropolitan participants felt that the system would be most useful on freeways and country roads while the rural participants felt that the system would be more useful in city traffic.
    • That means less traffic, fewer freeways, fewer road accidents and less air pollution.
    • But once off the freeway and on the roads up into the mountains, it performed flawlessly.