Translation of freeze in Spanish:


helarse, v.

Pronunciation: /friz//friːz/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(turn to ice)

      to freeze solid / hard congelarse / helarse (por completo / completamente)
      • Ice that falls during the winter is almost always sleet - raindrops that freeze on the way down.
      • He is reminiscing about the winter, when there is snow on the hills and the air is brittle with the cold and the frost freezes the water in his men's water bottles.
      • It's also why, when a pond freezes, the ice floats and the pond's inhabitants can endure the winter in liquid safety.
      • Moments later I reached the frozen pond and a mother doe and her fawn stand on the other side of it.
      • Every drop of water has frozen & the wind is a terribly cold one.
      • The main job of the pool is to slake birds' thirst, not only on hot summer days but also in winter when natural sources of water may freeze solid.
      • Light rain froze almost immediately, coating parts of the city with black ice.
      • As we drove back to Minsk the rain was freezing to the window as soon as it hit.
      • Many bedrooms were completely unheated; water froze in the basins at night and frost formed on the sheets.
      • Between July and mid-November, polar bears lounge on the shores of Hudson Bay, living off their own fat while they wait for the sea to freeze up.
      • The water may even freeze, producing frost on the inside surface of the window.
      • Water freezes at a high temperature compared to other liquids.
      • Other than the odd times during the winter when the rivers or lakes froze, the sea and rivers were an abundant source of regular fresh food.
      • The streets were vacant, everyone preferred fireside warmth to temperatures so low that it only took a minute for a bucket of water to freeze solid.
      • In severe winters the pub can be cut off by drifting snow for days at a time and the beer has been known to freeze in the pipes!
      • It had been raining, and with the cold that night the rain had frozen into sleet on the road.
      • Since water expands as it freezes, ice forming inside pipes can break them.
      • The water vapour would rise to the uppermost atmosphere where it freezes into tiny ice crystals.
      • Europe continued to get colder; at the low point, in the 17th century, the Thames often froze so hard in winter that fairs were held on the ice.
      • When the vapor condenses into rain or freezes to make snow, the precipitation is acid, which can fall into lakes.

    • 1.2(ice up)

      (ground/pipe/lock) helarse
      (pipe/ground/lock) congelarse
      the windshield had frozen el parabrisas estaba cubierto de hielo
      • Try to spot any trouble with your pipes before it's too late, keeping your eye out for signs that may signify pipes that are beginning to freeze.
      • It was very cold. A lot of the time the ground was frozen solid, and we couldn't do a thing.
      • Trees can be planted any time before the ground freezes.
      • Along the way she saw a lovely patch of wild violets that had not yet been frozen by the frost.
      • The biggest problem people run into when the weather gets cold is frozen pipes.
      • Top up oil and water levels and make sure you put in enough anti-freeze to stop the engine freezing over.
      • You have to put cardboard up in the grates of your car to keep the engine block from freezing.
      • If your pipes do freeze, shut off the main water valve that supplies your house before the pipes thaw.
      • Planting can take place anytime the soil can be worked, as long as the plants' root structures have time to develop before the ground freezes.
      • ‘We have had temperatures of minus three overnight and the track is frozen at the moment,’ he said today.

    • 1.3

      (person) helarse
      (person) congelarse
      to freeze to death morir congelado
      • I'm freezing! ¡estoy helado!
      • my blood froze se me heló la sangre en las venas
      • There's snow coming and we can't have the horses freeze to death.
      • Doctors continued to marvel at the speedy recovery of a toddler who nearly froze to death last month.
      • ‘You two should come in, before you freeze to death,’ Andrew interrupted gently from the doorway.
      • It's minus 10 degrees outside, if he falls over he'll freeze to death!
      • After standing around at a bus stop in New Oxford Street freezing to death for twenty minutes waiting for a 25, I couldn't be bothered to wait any longer.
      • By the time I arrived I was frozen, and I barely cared that there were no trains indicated on the boards - at least I was somewhere warm.
      • She was right, he could very well freeze to death without a blanket tonight.
      • I was almost frozen before I found a taxi and escaped into the warm cab.
      • We were frozen, so we dived into an Italian restaurant in the city to watch some football match and got ourselves warmed up.
      • You're going to freeze in those wet clothes.
      • I shivered, ‘It's getting cold out here, we better head in before we freeze to death.’
      • The real possibility that we were all going to freeze to death before anyone found us, was now uppermost in my mind.
      • It wasn't all that long ago that being poor meant you went hungry on a regular basis and froze all winter.
      • Let's get you inside before you freeze to death.
      • My husband, daughter and I have sat through films and nearly frozen in Bromley cinema.
      • I sat there, frozen, letting the chill seep over my body.
      • I take a cardigan and a pashmina, because on many planes you can freeze to death from the air conditioning.
      • We live in a northern climate and would freeze to death if we didn't clothe ourselves adequately.
      • Outside, without clothing and in my condition, I would freeze to death before I could get a mile.
      • He didn't want her to freeze to death in that little red dress of hers.

  • 2

    • 2.1(stand still)

      quedarse inmóvil
      ¡freeze! ¡alto / quieto ahí!
      • to freeze in one's tracks quedarse inmóvil / paralizado
      • Eva completely froze for a moment and a look of panic crossed her face.
      • A schoolgirl told how she froze with fear as she was allegedly molested by a drunken man in an early hours attack.
      • The clerk freezes, dropping the cup she's holding.
      • She reached the stairs and turned to Chris, who was frozen with shock and fear.
      • I was frozen to the spot, sweat dripping down my cold skin.
      • Many stumbled aimlessly through the main square, their faces frozen in blank shock as if unable to believe what they were seeing.
      • For a moment, there was silence in the centre of Potters Bar as everyone nearby froze at the shock of the noise and juddering force of the impact.
      • Everyone in the room freezes, and looks over at me as I stand slowly.
      • Everything inside of her just freezes up with fear.
      • It was a little nerve wracking, but at least I didn't freeze up, which is what I was worried about.
      • Suddenly she asked whether there was someone else in the room and I froze in terror.
      • He'd begun to lower himself into one of the chairs facing her desk when he stopped, frozen in his tracks.
      • I can be getting on really well with a girl but as soon as I get an inkling that there might be a chance of anything happening, I just freeze up.
      • While the two other women ran, Zhao testified that she froze, fearing she would be shot.
      • I was frozen against that wall, staring at her, wide-eyed and overwhelmed.
      • Tyler was about to tell her about their mother, but froze as he looked at his little sister.
      • I froze like a deer in headlights at the top of the stairs.
      • I froze momentarily, startled by the sight.
      • We really haven't had professional pictures of our kids taken because they generally freeze up in front of the camera.
      • Her smile suddenly froze on her face, and all of the warmth and teasing drained from her.

    • 2.2

      the smile froze on her face se le heló la sonrisa en los labios
      • the remark/words froze on his lips se quedó con el comentario/la palabra en la boca

  • 3

    some fruits don't freeze well algunas frutas no se prestan para ser congeladas
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transitive verb

  • 1

    (turn to ice)
    (water/stream) helar
    (water/stream) congelar
    she froze him with an icy stare lo fulminó con una mirada glacial
    • his story froze my blood su relato hizo que se me helara la sangre en las venas
  • 2

    (ice up)
    (mechanism/pipe) helar
  • 3

    (food/organ/embryo) congelar
  • 4

  • 5

    (account/assets) congelar
  • 6

    (incomes/prices) congelar
  • 7

    (development/production) suspender
  • 8

    Television Cinema
    (shot/frame) congelar

impersonal verb

  • 1

    haber helada


  • 1

    (limitation, stoppage)
    congelación feminine
    a wage/price freeze una congelación salarial/de precios
    • they proposed a total freeze on nuclear research propusieron una suspensión total de las investigaciones nucleares
  • 2

    (cold spell)
    helada feminine