Translation of French polish in Spanish:

French polish

barniz copal, n.


  • 1

    barniz copal masculine
    barniz de muñeca masculine
    • The name French polish is deceptive, because it's not a furniture polish at all, but a varnish, a finish, just as lacquer is a finish.
    • I knew a French polisher who worked in the yard and he made up his French polish at home and brought it into work each day so no-one would know the recipe for his polish.
    • I'm presenting just an illustration of what French polish actually is, and how I approach it.
    • Various proprietary products are sold as French polish, unusually consisting of an alcoholic solution of shellac resin with a variety of additives intended to ease application or increase brightness.
    • Open-grained wood will require several coats of French polish to seal it.

transitive verb

  • 1

    barnizar con muñeca
    barnizar con muñequilla
    • Once you feel confident with the technique, you can then begin to French polish the actual instrument.
    • Never French polish in high humidity because the water in the air will become trapped beneath the surface.