Translation of French stick in Spanish:

French stick



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    • It will produce long and round rolls, French sticks and tin bread effortlessly and consistently.
    • Cut the baguette or French stick in half.
    • Slice a French stick and spread each side liberally with the flavoured butter.
    • Who can resist freshly spread hot buns and or a lightly buttered French stick?
    • Before I knew it she was putting her French sticks in the backseat.
    • He was buying bread, you see, crusty baguettes, French sticks, medium sliced wholemeal Hovis, chocolate donuts, pastries, that sort of thing.
    • In addition to ‘specialty breads’, there are also ‘luxury breads’, such the French sticks.
    • For baking French sticks or loaves, an optional steam generator can provide sufficient steam as the French sticks are being loaded to produce the necessary crust formation.
    • There are the two-feet long French sticks to tackle for around 70 baht.
    • I'll stand in the kitchen in my underpants, covering my chest with crumbs, and you'll lean against my back, intermittently sipping on a glass of chilled water and nibbling at French stick.
    • It's a thin, Italian equivalent of small French sticks, made with olive oil.
    • Shave the light brown crust from the outside of the French stick with a bread knife and discard it.
    • Using your machine or mixer you can turn out delicious rolls, French sticks and pizza.
    • It is also known in English as a French stick or a French loaf.
    • You pay twice the price for a French stick that is delivered to them by the same suppliers as your local shop!
    • Slice the French stick into slices.
    • I stood there guiltily, knowing I had deprived the rest of the ex-pat community of a great culinary moment to be shared with a lump of cheddar, pickled onion and a French stick.
    • A man dismounted his motorbike and went inside to purchase an armful of French sticks which he tied to the luggage rack.
    • Spread plenty of the garlic butter into each cut slice of bread and then wrap the whole French stick in kitchen foil.
    • I guess if I was to estimate what it cost to feed my four I would say around about £7.00, including a nice French stick.