Translation of frequency in Spanish:


frecuencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfrikwənsi//ˈfriːkw(ə)nsi/

nounPlural frequencies

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    (of visits, events)
    frecuencia feminine
    • Service south of Franklin will run at reduced frequency during that six-hour period.
    • Many scientists believe that the recent increase in hurricane frequency and intensity is due to global warming, which has raised sea temperatures.
    • The next goal is to increase frequency, particularly at peak periods.
    • Rest periods and frequency should be the same as those for increasing muscular strength.
    • Be even more wary if you are given a treatment plan that recommends daily visits that are gradually reduced in frequency over a period of several months.
    • Over time, symptomatic periods may increase in frequency and severity.
    • Alcohol may trigger attacks during the period headaches occur, so avoidance of all alcohol during these periods will reduce headache frequency.
    • Therefore, these mutations would not increase in frequency in the population.
    • They recorded whether patients ever committed physical attacks during the observation period, but frequency and severity of violence were not recorded.
    • Those attacks may increase, both in frequency and intensity.
    • These days they meet with increasing frequency.
    • Headaches are common during childhood and become more common and increase in frequency during adolescence.
    • The forecast is optimistic because of the expansion of the company's operations, increasing the flight frequency and the launch of new routes.
    • Poch and Mannering found that the presence of a sight-distance restriction was found to significantly increase accident frequency.
    • Now, scoring regularly for Wimbledon and playing with increasing frequency for Ireland, he may fulfil the potential he showed as a teenager.
    • An allele that provides better immunity against parasites will increase in frequency within a population.
    • The frequency of landslides has increased in recent years with major slides occurring in 1993, 1995 and 2002.
    • The floods which have devastated York with increasing frequency in recent years have traditionally been blamed on the rain - too much falling, too often.
    • In fact in the first four weeks of December road traffic offences generally increased in frequency.
    • As they moved, droplets of rain began to strike with ever increasing frequency.
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    Television Physics Radio
    frecuencia feminine
    high/low frequency alta/baja frecuencia
    • A trifield meter measures the electromagnetic frequency in the space around it.
    • Suppose an FM radio station is assigned the broadcast frequency 100 MHz.
    • The frequency of light emitted from atoms in an excited state is measured in emission spectroscopy.
    • In addition, Moore said, several group leaders were communicating by radio on a frequency the LAPD could monitor.
    • Or we can listen to them through radio transmission on a special frequency that's unique for each airport.
    • Crucially, this also changes the frequency of the radio waves needed to flip the nucleus.
    • What started with two women has grown to a network of six women who keep at least two radios on the same frequency at night.
    • Thus, in order to calculate the vibrational frequencies and the rotational constants of a molecule all that is is needed is the input.
    • In full-duplex radio, the two transmitters use different frequencies, so both parties can talk at the same time.
    • After 147 minutes, scientists detected a 20Hz shift in the frequency of the carrier signal, indicating, perhaps, that the probe had landed.
    • Prior to the establishment of the FCC, anybody with an antenna could send a radio signal on any frequency.
    • A carrier signal is a continuous signal of a fixed frequency.
    • Transmitting on the frequency 100.9, the station devotes 60 per cent of its airtime to programmes in Tonga while the rest are in English.
    • Pulses represent any celestial radio signal of a fixed frequency that is distinguishable above the background noise.
    • New technology is allowing radio stations to offer digital and analog signals on the same frequency.
    • We know that electrons in any molecule can only absorb radiation at certain frequencies.
    • The answer, Zuckerwar explains, is that each one generates silent infrasound - long sound waves at a frequency below 20 hertz.
    • All FM radio stations transmit in a band of frequencies between 88 megahertz and 108 megahertz.
    • Finally, he tuned his suit's radio to the frequency listed on the cover of the transmitter.
    • One radio was tuned to the tanker-control frequency and the other radio directly to the tanker.
    • The frequency of gamma rays is far too high and that of radio waves is far too low to interact with these kinds of vibrations.
    • Now, physicists in England have demonstrated a topsy-turvy Doppler shift in which a radio wave's frequency rises as the source recedes.
    • We hear different sounds because of variations in the sound wave frequency.
    • Because laser light is made up of identical waves of the same frequency, it can travel long distances without scattering.
    • In short, it plugs into a headphones jack and transmits the signal over an FM frequency you choose.
    • When you enter a road, you set your radio to the assigned frequency and monitor the traffic.
    • This is due in part to the fact that VOA is broadcast only on short-wave frequencies.
    • Newton concluded that these forms of light vibrate at different frequencies.
    • When the radio-wave frequency causing proton excitation is removed, the protons relax and return to their steady-state orientation.
    • He turned around and adjusted the frequency on his portable radio.
    • Radio waves have different frequencies, and by tuning a radio receiver to a specific frequency you can pick up a specific signal.
    • Whether this interference delays or advances the phase of the waves depends on the properties of the atom and the frequency of the wave.
    • Thus de Broglie supposed that matter might also be related to the frequency of waves.
    • This can be induced by a microwave field with a frequency that corresponds to the transition between the two lowest atomic states.
    • The electromagnetic spectrum describes all matter as wave frequencies.
    • If ten waves are made per second, then the frequency is said to be ten cycles per second, written as 10 cps.
    • This is a measure of how well the antenna will ‘pull in’ a signal at a specific frequency.
    • The Doppler effect is a change in the frequency of sound waves caused by moving objects.
    • The frequency of this vibration is a function of the cut and shape of the crystal.
    • That is, an infrared spectrum is a plot of the intensity of light absorbed as a function of the frequency of vibration.
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    (in statistics)
    frecuencia feminine