Translation of freshen in Spanish:


refrescar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈfrɛʃən//ˈfrɛʃ(ə)n/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • I could barely believe it when the ‘expert’ declared that using a lemon to freshen your armpits is preferable to using spray-on deodorants because they can cause cancer.
    • You've often spoken about the ways in which your work in the theatre and opera is an attempt to freshen work by some sort of transposition or dislocation.
    • Use the same ideas to clean and freshen your garbage disposal.
    • Daewoo Ireland is going to have a very busy year ahead of them with the arrival of no less than four new cars which will freshen the brand enormously and make the newly revitalised company a much more serious contender in the market.
    • Winters are usually mild with an abundance of rain to freshen the rich soil.
    • Surgeons say politicians are turning to them to wipe out bags under their eyes and freshening their faces in the run-up to March's presidential elections.
    • I thought about how funny it would be to see someone attempt to eat one in an effort to freshen their beer-breath.
    • Squeezing a lemon is just as effective at freshening the air.
    • Mohammed dreamt up his alter ego working behind the counter at a drugstore, pining for something to freshen the job's tedium.
    • They asked image specialists for their ideas on how to freshen the legion's image.
    • This session, however, is sure to feature a myriad of stories to freshen the soul, from some of the festival's hip kids.
    • They could do with investing in some Listerine to freshen their breath.
    • A few years ago I remember seeing advertisements for plug-in household ionisers that freshen the air and make you feel more wide awake.
    • Colours for the steering wheel, seats, floor coverings as well as side and roof trims have also been freshened.
    • But despite the weight of the rain there wasn't enough of it to freshen the air.
    • This freshens the verse and toughens the sentiment.
    • Mix it and its juices into the soup to freshen colour and flavour.
    • Baking soda can also freshen musty carpets.
    • Throughout the day they constantly freshened their makeup and adjusted their hair ornaments, and a mirror was of course basic to these tasks.
    • Gingerly I descended and paused, as a waft of cool air freshened my brow.
  • 2US

    (top up)
    let me freshen your drink dame que te sirvo (un poco) más

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (breeze/wind) soplar más fuerte
    • In the night the wind freshened and at about two we had to crawl out from beneath billows of collapsed canvas.
    • However, the breeze continued to freshen and by ten thirty it was blowing a high gale.
    • And when the breeze freshens in the afternoon, holes 15, 16 and 17 all get harder.
    • You go outside into the freshening night breeze, and you hear cheering in the distance, and you raise a glass to the moon as it begins to get bright again.
    • The thin sun had disappeared and the wind freshened under a slate grey sky when 3/4 of an hour later, with the car parked safely in a garage nearby, and with the key to the house firmly in Denise's grip, they walked down the path to the front door.
    • Thomas Levet negotiates a freshening breeze to get back to the clubhouse at five under, sharing the lead with Casey
    • On Friday, with the wind freshening I check that all is well with my new propagator and its precious cargo of germinating seeds - and yes, all is well.
    • The night seemed to swallow even the bright white patches of his horse's coat and as the evening breeze freshened and cooled, Joe Cartwright snuggled deeper into his jacket and tugged down his hat with a gloved hand.
    • A short course was set in the south lake as the wind freshened to Force 4 and New Order took the lead and held on to win.
    • Around noon the sky clouded over as the wind freshened and soon we had white caps.
    • She loved to take her breaks here, where the freshening breeze from the forest could caress her fur, and she could watch and listen to the multitude of birds that made their homes there.
    • On the last lap, the wind freshened and became more shifty.
    • With the wind beginning to freshen - storms have been forecast overnight and the events today have been postponed - the lake was not quite as calm as it had been on Saturday.
    • With the breeze freshening at Munster's backs, they were content to play a territorial game, confident in the control of their set-piece game.
    • The road turns away from the stream here, its path taking me into the freshening breeze.
    • Of course it didn't last as the winds continued to freshen.
    • When at last the wind freshened and the sky cleared - with one barrel of water left on each ship - Columbus decided to sail west.
    • Alex Thompson added two difficult conversions as by now the breeze was freshening.
    • As the match began the blustery wind freshened and cooled with the huge Hawks flag fluttering above the old pavilion.
    • At sunset, the wind freshened and veered to the north.