Translation of fried in Spanish:


frito, adj.

Pronunciation /frʌɪd//fraɪd/


  • 1

    a fried egg un huevo frito
    • fried foods frituras
    • They were simple dishes of fried rice, meat buns, steamed vegetables with beef, and freshly cooked fish.
    • After a lunch of fried rice with eggs and peppers, we struck out to meet our elephant transport to another area of the jungle.
    • Years of Southern sausage biscuits, fried foods and gravy had done their damage.
    • Bake the meat roll in the oven with the tomato juice and the fried butter, after adding some water.
    • And steer clear of refined sugars, white flour and fried foods, or at least cut down on them.
    • Stay away from fatty foods, fried foods and any junk foods during this time.
    • If you want a taste of what the authentic northern dishes are like, try baked bean curd with shrimp roe or the fried vegetables with egg.
    • Spicy Thailand fare was spread on the table with steamy sesame rice, hotspurs and fried beef in oyster sauce.
    • This is a common ingredient in commercial baked goods and in fried foods like French fries.
    • Well, that should give you an idea of the efficiency and appearance of your arteries after a steady diet of fried foods.
    • These fats are found in red meat, full-fat dairy products and fried foods.
    • She knew her typical meals of cheese sticks or fried foods needed to change to get the figure she wanted.
    • Foods high in trans fats include fried foods, cookies, doughnuts and crackers.
    • I cut out high-fat fried foods and red meat from my diet and instead filled it with fruits and vegetables.
    • Health-conscious people were replacing the fried foods in their diet with cereals.
    • We also ate a lot of mysterious crumbed meats accompanied with fried potatoes.
    • Avoid foods with a lot of sugar and fat, such as ice cream, gelatin, pudding and fried foods.
    • The catchy name was coined when cooks quieted begging dogs by throwing them scraps of fried dough while dinner was prepared.
    • Some alternate breakfast foods include boiled manioc, maize porridge, or fried cakes made of rice flour.
    • People in the south of India like spicy fried food and often eat rice and curry.
  • 2US informal

    hecho polvo informal
    reventado informal
    frito informal
    • Who has not felt frazzled, fried, and finished at some point during his or her career?
    • I went from high school quarterback to fried LSD guy in two years or whatever.