Translation of friendly in Spanish:


simpático, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfrɛn(d)li//ˈfrɛn(d)li/

adjectivefriendliest, friendlier

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    (person/pet) simpático
    (place/atmosphere) agradable
    (welcome) cordial
    I'll give you some friendly advice te voy a dar un consejo de amigo
    • he gave her a friendly wave la saludó amablemente con la mano
    • there's a friendly little cafe nearby hay un barcito cerca que es muy simpático / agradable
    • to be friendly to/with sb
    • he wasn't very friendly to her no estuvo demasiado simpático / amable con ella
    • she's friendly with Tessa es amiga de Tessa
    • I'm quite friendly with him now ahora somos bastante amigos
    • to be on friendly terms with sb llevarse bien con algn
    • environmentally friendly products productos inocuos para el medio ambiente
    • They were always friendly with each other, and talked over the phone on a regular basis.
    • Eddie was held in high esteem by the farming community and his pleasant friendly smile endeared him to all.
    • I also want to add that the many lefties I live and work around in Madison are perfectly friendly to me.
    • The rest of them either attacked people we were friendly with or simply had the wrong ideology for our taste.
    • My wife was a journalist doing an article about Mel Brooks for ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine, and she was friendly with Yoko Ono.
    • She said her parents were friendly with Mr Flaherty's parents.
    • ‘He told me never to be too big for your boots and always be friendly to everyone,’ she said.
    • The mom wasn't too friendly to strangers, since she was a stray.
    • He smiled down at him, but it was not a friendly or pleasant smile.
    • Fu said most villagers were very friendly to outsiders.
    • We're very friendly with each other and it's not going to affect anything between the people here.
    • They do not only live in harmony but are equally friendly to visitors.
    • ‘I love the city, first because Shanghainese are very friendly to me,’ he said.
    • Does it matter if we smile and are friendly to him?
    • He liked it and was really friendly to everyone.
    • My father was friendly with the editor of the Irish Edition of the Sunday Express and he got me an interview with the head of McConnell's Agency in Dublin.
    • He was also friendly with many Catholic churchmen anxious to make belief in God intellectually respectable.
    • She seemed very friendly to the airport staff and had a woman with her who looked like she should fall over from being too top heavy with nothing on the bottom to balance her out.
    • Emily is not particularly friendly to the perfectly nice woman her father brings to dinner.
    • I'm friendly with some dealers in African art, and I reconnect with my friends and family, who still live there.
    • Tauzin knows the business side of journalism well, and he is friendly with most of those who represent big media companies.
    • And you have to have all of your own supplies, because unless you're friendly with the neighbors, there is no one around to borrow from.
    • Why was Alfred, a 69-year-old retired milkman who had gone out of his way to be friendly to his customers and anyone else he met, the chosen one?
    • We are friendly with our neighbours, with people at work, and with the kids and parents at our son's school.
    • Later, he even taught Jessie Chambers, whose family he was friendly with, to speak French.
    • I was friendly with a guy named Bob Mitchell who lived at the end of Radnor Ave.
    • Paul is friendly with the Leivers family of Willey Farm, and a tenderness grows between him and the daughter Miriam, a soulful, shy girl.
    • ‘Rolfe is very friendly to the musicians and singers while at the same time writing very good music,’ she concludes.
    • My problem is with political correctness and being friendly to everyone.
    • He was friendly with the Lindsays, Christopher Brennan and Kenneth Slessor.
    • Although I deal with people at all levels, I maintain a level head and a certain level of decorum even when I am very friendly with colleagues.
    • ‘It was difficult but enjoyable, and everyone was friendly to me,’ said Negar, who is now studying dentistry in London.
    • And he'd never been particularly friendly to me, and I didn't blame him.
    • But then again, he had watched her in the classes they shared since the beginning of school and knew that she was easygoing and very friendly to everyone she met.
    • She was fairly friendly with adults, and appeared to have had at least 1 litter of puppies already.
    • Sam has chosen people that he is friendly with and that he can talk to.
    • He was friendly with noncritical writers, but he always seemed to be feuding with somebody in the press.
    • In fact, I can even be friendly to him, because I know he's not a bad person, and we do have a lot in common.
    • All I'm doing is I'm trying to be friendly to you.
    • I was friendly with Robson for almost forty years and never doubted that he was a learned and gifted if not very productive critic.
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    (argument/competition/rivalry) amistoso
    (argument/competition/rivalry) amigable
    (match/game) amistoso
    • This is a competition that creates friendly rivalry among the participants and the judging is anticipated with great enthusiasm.
    • You know, a friendly rivalry exists between the islands of the Caribbean, and this rivalry sometimes manifests itself in discussion of the relative size of the islands.
    • This is a friendly but very competitive event where members compete with each other in Clay Shooting, Horseshoe Throwing, Pool and Darts.
    • ‘It's a competition that pitches towns right around the island into friendly rivalry,’ the Minister said.
    • The pair put their friendly rivalry behind them to help launch the 2002 National Children's Day Ribena Best Teacher in Ireland award.
    • She was playing a friendly game with Anne Donaldson and Joan Foster.
    • It's not a war, but a friendly game played between two teams.
    • In the pre-season there was a friendly game in Halifax.
    • It also allows visiting cricketers to participate in friendly games.
    • A pre-season friendly football match takes place at 3pm.
    • Anyone who lives in either Rosses Point or Strandhill knows that there was always a bit of friendly rivalry between the seaside villages down through the years.
    • She also had a great interest in current affairs and the friendly rivalry that went with the clashes of Mayo and Roscommon football.
    • James is two behind Mullin, but the friendly rivalry is set to inspire the duo to bigger and better things for the rest of the season.
    • It's only a friendly game and should be played in the correct spirit and allow everyone to enjoy and leave the venue without let or hindrance.
    • Among this group, friendly rivalry gave rise to creative innovation, and most carvers refined their skills.
    • He said the team was scheduled to play a friendly game against Kitwe United as part of the preparations.
    • It's probably because that's where the kettle is, and you can get very dry having a friendly argument.
    • A number of the top dogs in the mascot game are due at Boundary Park to play a friendly five-a-side match before the festive period - and an announcement of a picket is due soon after.
    • Monday morning I wandered down to the Sports Hall, having arranged with Caleb over the weekend to catch up and play a friendly game of badminton.
    • Rochdale's shopping bosses say the Christmas campaign is an example of friendly rivalry between the two towns.
    • These would include a friendly football match between former Brazilian World Cup stars and F1 drivers, and a show of cars Senna drove during his career.
    • An interesting film to watch out for, ‘The Other Final’ won an award in 2003 and is about a friendly soccer match played in Thimpu.
    • Whatever the game or size of the ball, sport has forever been at its best when a bitter, or even friendly, rivalry is at its heart.
    • We have lined up a lot of friendly games that will help us pick only the best players to represent Zambia.
    • A friendly sibling rivalry that drives them to work a little bit harder and compete a little longer can only serve as a benefit to both the sisters and the team.
    • Mr Norton said: ‘We are expecting friendly rivalry but we are not serving alcohol so it is very much a family day.’
    • The Zambia soccer squad winds up its camping in South Africa with a friendly game against Orlando Pirates in Johannesburg today.
    • He summed up the season as being competitive yet friendly and with the trio applying to join next year it was evident that the league continued to grow.
    • Botswana yesterday marked 38 years of independence with a win over Zambia in an international friendly soccer match played in Gaborone.
    • Cricket has become another form of diplomacy, and the rivalry is friendly and no longer bitter.
    • Chulumanda said he has directed the director of sports to organise international friendly games following the aborted trip to China.
    • Scotland can look forward to two decades of friendly goalkeeping rivalry from youngsters Craig Gordon and David Marshall, writes Douglas Alexander
    • There is friendly rivalry between the Americans and the Canadians today over the falls but it was not so in the past.
    • But, a couple of weeks into the pre-season, I started worrying because people were back training and playing friendly games.
    • The club would like to thank the Baltinglass lads who played a friendly soccer match recently.
    • There's clearly a bit of friendly rivalry going on between Bolton DJ Sara Cox and her mate Zoe Ball.
    • Meanwhile a friendly game between Bucks and Danish side FC Copenhagen has been cancelled.
    • Bradford came to Oxford for a friendly game of water polo on Saturday.
    • He was due to play in a friendly game this weekend, but it was cancelled in his memory.
    • Foisy has set rules for the tournament set up to make it a friendly competitive event.
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    (of one's own side)
    (ship/aircraft/troops) amigo
    • Its initial purpose was to prevent Allied aircraft bombing friendly ground forces.
    • Any piece of the urban landscape is subject to enemy reoccupation if it is left unoccupied or is not cordoned off by friendly forces.
    • The main objective of air defense is to prevent casualties and losses among friendly forces from disabling air strikes.
    • In the case of air defense or offensive military equipment, waiting until friendly forces are engaged is too late to confirm disablement.
    • When a mechanized force enters an area with friendly infantry, both light and mechanized soldiers get a little apprehensive.

nounPlural friendlies


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    partido amistoso masculine