Translation of frieze in Spanish:


friso, n.

Pronunciation /friːz//friz/


  • 1

    (on building, wall) friso masculine
    (on wallpaper) greca feminine
    (de papel pintado) (on wallpaper) guarda feminine
    • The Museum of Old Aix is a fabulous building in its own right, with elaborate painted wooden ceilings and friezes, and a small and mildly interesting display about local crafts and customs.
    • The three friezes with their ugly horizontal divisions, are also devoid of the supple rhythm whereby San artists achieved formal harmony, and this absence of flow creates a jarring staccato effect.
    • Originally the side walls were decorated with relief friezes depicting The Education of Jupiter by Corybantes and Apollo as Shepherd to Admetus - themes that set the pastoral ideal in mythological terms.
    • The dining room is extremely grand, with picture windows, friezes and a most elaborate ceiling.
    • Worse, almost all of the decorative friezes, achieved with so much care and expense only twenty years before, have been painted out; only that in the big, central Pre-Raphaelite room survives.
    • The Scottish National Portrait Gallery wants to extend the frieze in its entrance hall.
    • A frieze at the top of the walls repeats the names of the founding, former and current members of Amfar's board.
    • Long, bronze relief friezes by Paul Day will be fixed to its walls.
    • A four-storey tower or turret, containing large circular rooms, rises out of the ground floor, and is adorned with friezes of classical and renaissance detail.
    • The building's common hall has a restored terrazzo tiled floor with walls which still retain the original painted friezes.
    • And she put her new skills to use about her home - designing and painting friezes for her walls.
    • This is a spectacular building full of halls and passageways with walls covered in colourful friezes and hieroglyphics, while brooding granite statues of falcons guard the entrance doors.
    • The frieze in the pediment on the outside of the building is depicted below.
    • Figurative scenes taken directly from, or inspired by, Roman wall paintings and marble friezes are framed with elaborate borders of motifs and symbols derived from antiquity.
    • That these arches are triumphal is made clear by the frieze on the nearer of the two, which refers to Vespasian, whose joint triumph with Titus was well known from Josephus's account, discussed above.
    • The Dutch Room gained its new name in 1906 after a wallpaper frieze of blue Dutchmen was installed.
    • The interior decoration was sumptuous with marble veneers, moulded stucco friezes, painted walls, and some remarkable mosaic floors, some of which survive.
    • There was a train featured on the frieze and that was my contribution to the decoration.
    • A frieze of colored glass, mirror glass, and decorative leading ran around the room, culminating in the virtuoso display of the double doors.
    • As enlarged in the tenth century, the minster at Winchester was 250 feet long, with side-chapels, elaborate western towers, and carved and painted friezes.
    • It is an aesthetic glorified by ancient Greeks in their ceramics, Romans in their friezes and Renaissance artists in their sculptures.