Translation of fringe in Spanish:


fleco, n.

Pronunciation /frɪndʒ//frɪn(d)ʒ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(on shawl, carpet, tablecloth)

      fleco masculine
      • I myself was dressed in a short white satin dress that had white fringes of material down the bottom, and fell in waves down my hips.
      • Simon rolled his eyes and picked up a black teddy with a pompom fringe.
      • The Prince of Parthia, having completed his evening devotions, folded his shawl, kissing its fringes.
      • Beads and daisy chains are feminine touches, while rickracks, fringes, and narrow ribbons have universal appeal.
      • It is decorated with strings, fringes, tassels, and bells.
      • Allie wound a string around a black bead and glanced at the child decorating her removed armlets with tassels and a tan fringe.
      • It looked like a leotard with little dangling fringes at the bottom and sequins everywhere.
      • I lie under a tartan rug and my fingers twist and plait its fringe.
      • They wore yellow embellishments, and both they and the grenadiers had fringes to their epaulettes.
      • It should also include a fringe of cutesy little pom-poms that I can dangle around my monitor.
      • Many tweeds shown on the catwalk had raw fringes and the fabric could be inset with jewel rhinestones.
      • Much of the vigor of the textile traditions of Mahdia comes through the embellishment of woven cloth with embroidery and the addition of fringes, tassels, and pompoms.
      • To a certain extreme, having your jean shorts altered and getting rid of the fringes can help minimize the nasty look of cut-off jeans.
      • She was wearing a floral silk shirt with a fringe and a denim miniskirt.
      • A cream marble altar stood complacently in mid-front, draped in a stunningly white tablecloth with fringes at the edges.
      • The skirt is a houndstooth print with black leather trim and a fringe at the hem.
      • She chuckled, twisting the fringe of the pillow with her right hand.
      • Being a very feminine line, rounded shapes, inverted pleats, fringes, deconstructed cuts and chunky buttons feature in the collection.
      • I had given her a hot pink sweater with pompom fringes.
      • Round his neck is a horizontally striped silk scarf with a tasselled fringe.

    • 1.2(of trees, houses)

      hilera feminine
      • At the same time Taylor Morgan emerged from the fringes of the crowd, and Mike flagged him down as he walked by.
      • We left the fringes of urban wildlife and circled off round the lakes that were once gravel pits and where a fisherman dipped his rod illegally.
      • Moreover, growth does not occur in the city's core but along the fringes, resulting in urban slums beyond the reach of government.
      • Like most early projects, it replaced an area of run-down, overcrowded, squalid dwellings on the fringes of the downtown area.
      • The automobile and big discount stores in the urban centers at the fringes of the nation have greatly diminished the role of the trading posts.
      • Andy walked to where the cloaked stranger stood on the fringes of the crowd.
      • Apart from formal trading in the three halls at the Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market, there is plenty of economic activity on the fringes.
      • It is one of the surest ways through which Zambians would have the opportunity to move from the fringes of economic activity to the mainstream.
      • Chris Towie is a doctor in Wallan, a town just outside the fringes of Melbourne's northern suburbia.
      • Coming from the fringe of the electoral area, this was a gutsy performance by the Newport man who has had to fend off many heavy tackles in both his football and journalistic careers over the years.
      • This idea, pioneered on the Illinois frontier, is just as relevant today on Sydney's urban fringe.
      • Eighty-five percent of at-risk American farms are on the fringes of urban areas.
      • There was a guy on the fringes of the crowd outside who caught Speedy's eye.
      • Marcus steered me away from the desks and towards the fringes of the crowd, which was now composed only of people in white tunics.
      • Some big shopping malls are located on the fringes of the area.
      • However, they operate on the fringes of both spheres.
      • Initially, stations were located on the fringes of the urban area to ease access and economize on land costs.
      • It was clear we were at the fringes of the richer area of the city, where the buildings were mostly residences, all large and spaced much farther apart than those structures in the common city area.
      • Patricia Morris is the mayor of Gosnells, a fast-growing area on the outer fringes of Perth.
      • Most are at the fringes or completely outside the cash economy.

  • 2British

    (of hair)
    flequillo masculine
    cerquillo masculine Latin America
    fleco masculine Mexico
    chasquilla feminine Chile
    capul masculine Colombia
    pollina feminine Venezuela
    • You would also do well with a textured fringe or a fringe that was longer on the sides and slightly shorter in the middle.
    • The red one is bizarrely similar to the hair I used to have many years ago when I was at college, including the authentically crooked fringe.
    • The rest of her hair was black and cropped short, so the fringe hung like two pink curtains to her face.
    • The man was white, in his thirties, quite tall, with pale skin and black, shoulder length hair with a short fringe.
    • One was five feet eight inches tall with light brown hair over his ears, with white highlights in his fringe, which was over his forehead and gelled straight.
    • He had a fairly tanned look and he had dark brown hair with a blond fringe.
    • The best cuts have soft layers and wispy fringes that make your hair versatile and easy to style
    • Indeed the 34-year-old has even had her hair cut stylishly short with a fringe in the hope that she might look less like a ballet dancer in her everyday life.
    • She's sitting in her bedroom, on her bed, legs crossed and hair tied back, a heavy fringe tucked behind her ears.
    • He had black and blonde hair with a long fringe that drooped over his left eye, giving him a sort of mysterious look.
    • As part of a new image to promote the single, 21-year-old Kimberley, of Allerton, Bradford, has been given a new haircut with a fringe.
    • The girl who assaulted the woman is said to have long black hair which was tied back in a ponytail with a fringe.
    • His thin, reddish hair is neatly cut; a boyish fringe covers his forehead.
    • Scott put out his cigarette in the ashtray, and wiped his hand across his forehead, pushing back his fringe.
    • I glance in the wing mirror of the car and check how I look, I'm so nervous and my hands are shaking as I push my fringe away from my eyes.
    • My hairdresser was cutting my fringe quickly and expertly.
    • He pushed his fringes behind his ears and tilted his head, expecting an answer.
    • Wisps of her fringe had escaped the loose ponytail and were now curling around her oval face.
    • He stopped and turned around, pushing his fringe out of his deep dark eyes, glistening with tears.
    • He was aged about 30 to 35 with shoulder-length dark brown hair and a long fringe.
  • 3

    (group/area) (before noun) marginal
    (medicine/music) alternativo
    on the fringe(s) of the town en la periferia de la ciudad
    • to live on the fringe(s) of society vivir al margen de la sociedad
    • the extremist fringe of the party el sector extremista del partido
    • fringe theatre teatro alternativo / experimental
  • 4US

transitive verb

  • 1

    (decorate with fringe)
    (rug/scarf) ponerle un fleco a
  • 2

    fringed with fur con una orla de piel