Translation of fringe benefit in Spanish:

fringe benefit

incentivo, n.


  • 1

    (supplementing salary)
    incentivo masculine
    complemento masculine
    extra masculine
    • The cost of nurses' time was calculated as follows: the mean salary and fringe benefits across all 3 study units was calculated per second of a nurse's time.
    • He would be entitled to all stock incentive benefits, three times his annual remuneration and other fringe benefits.
    • Most of these are fringe benefits paid for by employers, but small amounts that are now tax-favored are paid for by employees and the self-employed.
    • Resources are available to support an average of $70,000 in salary and fringe benefits for each new faculty position.
    • Workers pay taxes on cash wages but not on fringe benefits like health insurance.
    • For starters, this includes knowing the actual job title, starting compensation, fringe benefits, and initial review period.
    • Government data on wages and salaries also exclude fringe benefits.
    • Outcomes refers to salaries, recognition, fringe benefits, seniority rights and the like.
    • Some important sources of income, like fringe benefits paid for by employers and in-kind welfare benefits, are excluded.
    • Instead they established a pattern of postwar collective bargaining through which workers conceded much to management in return for higher wages and fringe benefits.
    • Top quality staff command high salaries and other fringe benefits such as housing and transport that are beyond the reach of government funded, educational institutions.
    • Our action is also to tell the authorities that we are not happy about the undue delay in the payment of our fringe benefits and other entitlements due us.
    • Stress levels are said to be high, as are salaries and other fringe benefits.
    • Since 1 April 1999 employers have needed to keep records of fringe benefits provided to each employee.
    • Public Benevolent Institutions are exempt from fringe benefits tax and income tax.
    • Your continued employment is dependent upon your covering all of your research expenses, including your salary and fringe benefits, from extramural research funding.
    • The standard offer is two to three times what you made as a full time soldier, plus fringe benefits.
    • Usually, a good working environment, high wages, and fringe benefits encourage institutional loyalty.
    • Your employer also has to make a return to the tax office with details of any fringe benefits given to you.
    • Current law taxes the fringe benefits of these shareholders.
  • 2

    (incidental advantage)
    ventaja adicional feminine