Translation of frisk in Spanish:


retozar, v.

Pronunciation /frɪsk//frɪsk/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • For four years John Phelan allowed the beautiful freckled-faced colt to frisk and gambol to his hearts content in long meadow.
    • There was a little foal frisking beside its mother.
    • She says she can picture Charlie right now frisking about some green field of Heaven, wearing his loop of flowers.
    • There was a man called Mr. Montaro Mori who was a student of the Tokyo Imperial University, which later became Tokyo University, and he and I and some others used to frisk around together.
    • We were in Blackpool for a silly day trip, a tacky, idiotic day out to the seaside to frisk on the sands in mid-July.
    • He watches them flirt, frolic, frisk and fondle.
    • The Irish Sea has never been balmy, but the sheltered bay in Port Erin caught the sun and meant many happy summers spent frisking in the sand.
    • ‘She was caught in the bush, sir,’ he explained, glancing down at the dog that was still frisking about.
    • Unlike horses, these unicorns would not move until after they had been fed and groomed, and then they would take themselves out to the giant corrals to frisk among themselves.
    • You don't get to see them frisk like that around the Suffolk sheds.
    • Oh alright, I'll go and frisk, I suppose, if you insist.
    • I look down to a meadow in Central Park and see tiny muffled moppets frisking around like children in a Dutch painting.
    • Today, after cardiac surgery, the two children seem fine, happy and frisk about.
    • River otters frisked in appreciation of winter's retreat.
    • The premiere of Woolf Phrase, on a bare stage, featured Richard Siegal speaking passages by Virginia Woolf and frisking like a puppy.

transitive verb

  • 1

    catear Mexico
    • But I listened very carefully and don't remember that he actually said that those officers could then stop and frisk the individuals under suspicion.
    • Policemen are frisking ticket holders at the gates as a security measure in the wake of threats to disrupt the first screenings of the film in the city.
    • As part of a countywide review, the court on Burneside Road, Kendal, now has an appointed security officer armed with a hand-held metal detector to frisk people entering the building.
    • While the above examples have affected a few citizens, there is a much larger policy issue also at stake: the police have been authorized to stop and frisk any citizen whom they consider suspicious.
    • Guests were frisked; their luggage was searched.
    • A machine gunner atop a Humvee kept his weapon trained on the truck and watched through binoculars as it came to a halt and troops frisked the driver and a companion.
    • Officers frisked Barnes and made him stand with them near the police cars.
    • The 10th grader told Mr. Gober that he had been grabbed by a police officer, pushed against a wall, and frisked.
    • He held me tighter as his colleague proceeded to frisk me.
    • Most recently, he was frisked by officers looking for car thieves.
    • He said after the shooting, police and federal agents who came aboard the plane thoroughly frisked passengers and then ordered them off the plane, ‘all of us with our hands on our heads’.
    • One of them relieved Phelps of his gun and gun belt, while the other frisked him for hidden weapons or other ‘dangerous’ articles.
    • Schoolchildren could be frisked for weapons against their will as teachers are recruited into the crackdown on youth knife culture.
    • He holstered the pistol and frisked her for weapons.
    • Sylvester, known as Rocky to friends in his Harlem neighborhood, was shot in the chest by the plainclothes cop, who was frisking the man's son.
    • He frisked me, then twisted my arms, and placed handcuffs on me.
    • According to zoo staff, they are unable to fully prevent the entry of plastic as they have no powers to frisk people entering the zoo.
    • Geoffrey froze as the third policeman came over and roughly frisked him.
    • It was by the same people who had frisked me the previous four times.
    • The federal police will also frisk pilgrims, search their belongings and maintain order within their camps.