Translation of frivolity in Spanish:


frivolidad, n.

Pronunciation /frɪˈvɒlɪti//frəˈvɑlədi/



  • 1

    (lack of seriousness)
    frivolidad feminine
    ligereza feminine
    • The complaints aren't about the tone, the frivolity, or the joking references to pop culture.
    • Indeed, it would be an outrageous piece of moral frivolity.
    • This exhibit features furniture, fashion, function, and frivolity.
    • Some reporters who covered this story described it in tones of frivolity and amusement.
    • The complacent frivolity of its lavish mosaics suggests that the declining Roman empire had no apprehensions of imminent fall.
  • 2

    (sth frivolous)
    frivolidad feminine