Translation of front-wheel drive in Spanish:

front-wheel drive

tracción delantera, n.

Pronunciation /ˌfrənt ˌ(h)wil ˈdraɪv//ˌfrʌntˌwiːl ˈdrʌɪv/


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    tracción delantera feminine
    • One, an Audi, is front-wheel drive, a mechanical system it shares with every other similarly sized hatchback.
    • This means more driveline and chassis content and complexity in segments that previously only offered front-wheel drive.
    • Fiestas have always been fun cars to drive and this new model is no exception, the front-wheel drive provides a positive feel and the grip inspires enough confidence to push the car to its limit.
    • The point about all these models is that they are all front-wheel drive and the Transit is rear-wheel drive - until now.
    • For those of us who live in areas where snow and ice are a real concern for a good part of the year, front-wheel drive was a godsend.
    • After the summer shutdown in August, the Southampton plant in the U.K. will build front-wheel drive short and medium wheelbase versions, and the Izmet plant in Turkey will produce selected rear-wheel drive versions.
    • Many boy racers end up in ditches, after mistakenly assuming that their front-engined, front-wheel drive vehicles will behave the same way as stuff they see on television.
    • The De Ville is relatively successful and will be the only remaining front-wheel drive vehicle in the lineup.
    • Ordinarily, the vehicle runs in a front-wheel drive mode, but if wheel slippage is detected, power is automatically delivered to the rear wheels.
    • All competitors drive a Fisher prepared Peugeot 206 XSI with a 1.6 litre engine and front-wheel drive.
    • While we're at it, don't bother picking a car for its front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or mid-mounted engine - pick it because it's pretty.
    • The crossovers are characterized by uni-bodies and a drivetrain that at least starts out as front-wheel drive.
    • Today's version is the sixth generation of the breed and over the years the car has grown in size and moved from longitudinal rear-wheel drive to transverse front-wheel drive.
    • The following model year, Chrysler plans to unveil a thoroughly revamped LH platform that shifts from front-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive, same as the E-Class.
    • Yes, it is roomier than an Omega, despite a shorter overall length, notably in the altitude of its load bay, thanks to the lower floor that front-wheel drive makes possible.
    • But here is BMW's new small car, its Audi A3 and Volkswagen Golf rival, flying in the face of the hatchback class's front-wheel drive convention simply because that is the way BMWs have always been.
    • It was a small, affordable, front-wheel drive economy car that was quite powerful.
    • The original Mini, introduced in 1959, brought transverse front-wheel drive to the auto industry, and stayed in production virtually unchanged for 41 years.
    • Add a transverse engine and front-wheel drive layout and the result is a cabin which must have the most spacious rear seat legroom in the class.
    • Dubbed Versatrak, it provides front-wheel drive until extra traction is needed.